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Crytek CEO Says Piracy Ratio 15:1 >
2008/06/27 9:03:52: Posted by DM
According to Cevat Yerli, the CEO of Crytek, Crysis currently has a piracy ratio of about 15:1. This means that for every 1 legti copy of his game sold, 15-20 people download and pirate the title. He revealed this in an IGN interview yesterday, along with some info on the future plans of Crytek.

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Written by Matt on 2008/06/27

I downloaded it to try it first and found it barely ran at high on my PC and wasn't such a great game so I didn't buy. I had the demo but thought the final game performance might be higher but it wasn't so I didn't buy it.
Written by MAKAVELI_ on 2008/06/27

yeah , I'm one of them!!!! Drop the prices and I may think about buy original games.

Dont get me wrong , downloading games takes ages and your "mental sanity" as well.
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