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Don Mattrick E3 Video Q&A, Reveals New Halo Game Coming >
2008/07/22 20:52:08: Posted by DM
In case you missed the fiasco, Bungie was all set to reveal a new Halo title at E3. Just before the countdown ended though, MS put the kibosh on it and forbid Bungie from revealing it. then Mattrick himself did reveal that MS had Bungie working on an as-yet-unannounced Halo game. This is the interview where he does just that. You can see in his face that he thinks maybe he should not have mentioned it.

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Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/07/23

I've got dibs on purchasing the first copie of this new Halo game!

If someone from Bungie or Microsoft is reading this, remember that I've got dibs please!

I called it fair-n-square!
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/07/23

why would you call dibs on a game that you don't know anything about other than it has the word Halo in it. Thats what I call true Fanboyism. I want no part of that.
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/07/23


It's very simple...let me explain it to you logically.

If a person who wasn't a fanboy never "called dibs" on a game, then that means people who aren't fanboys would ALWAYS lose the right to purchase the game first to the fanboys who DO take the time to call dibs...

So, I decided to call dibs, just to be on the safe side! I don't necessarily have to use that right to buy the first game, although I likely will, because I'm sure that this next Halo game will be INCREDIBLE!

The last Halo game came with a special Helmet. I hope this one comes with the suit, so then I can go kick some Covenant butt in a real Spartan suit!
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