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Bioware Denies Mass Effect Xbox Exclusivity >
2008/07/23 16:50:04: Posted by DM
An Australian Xbox magazine is claiming that Bioware Boss Ray Muzyka has committed to making Mass Effect an Xbox360 exclusive trilogy. When Bioware was contacted, they claimed the rumor was totally untrue.

Supposedly, the September issue of Australian 360 quotes BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka as saying that the developer is still committed "to bring the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360." As you can imagine, the story went wild on the net. GameDaily contacted Bioware to confirm this, and a Bioware representative seemed as stunned as anyone else. "This site is incorrect; Ray did NOT make any such statement regarding any exclusivity plans for the Mass Effect trilogy," the rep insisted. Stay tuned, but it seems untrue for now.

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Mass Effect

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Written by blacktiger on 2008/07/23

Oh wow, now there is no reason to buy Xbox 360 !

Written by kungfurabbit on 2008/07/23

A ps3 version of this game would be nice. But i believe ms already paid out the a$$ for exclusive rights.
Written by jb33 on 2008/07/23

@ Planet blacktiger...Honestly...Halo 3 is enough for me and alot of people i know to own a 360. If the 360 only had Halo and no other games i would buy the system. I know thats pretty drastic, but i swear on everything holy i would purchase whatever system if the only game they had was Halo...lol. Halo's online is that good IMHO. Halo's online is the purest form of perfection for a online shooter.

I don't want to hear about COD4 either..lol. COD4 = (1 shot 1 kill) = (Noobz hiding) = (unbalanced/frustrating gameplay). COD4's campaign is better than Halo's, but the multiplayer isn't even close. Halo has PERFECT weapon balance with a PERFECT damage system with PERFECT gameplay.

This is what Sony needs BAD... A online shooter that they can identify their system with. Maybe it's M.A.G or Socom Confrontation or Resistance 2. I hope so, but time will tell. Wait B3yond...
Written by blacktiger on 2008/07/23

jb33 your right, thats why lot of ppl bought PS3 for same thing like MGS4 and so on... just wait

you'll see more...

but then again isn't that what competition means, which exlcusive and which better games will it be on...?
Written by incoming00 on 2008/07/23

i actually agree with the last statement blacktiger says.
Written by jb33 on 2008/07/24

Software sells systems and thats why Sony is struggling. Honestly, why buy a PS3 right now ? They have a few great single player games, but nothing thats a system seller to the mainstream audience like Halo. MGS4 is a great game, but how many times can you beat it before it gets old ?

I'm actually surprised at how much the PS3 has caught up to the 360 even with all of the problems it has. The 360's sales seem to be slowing down and thats shocking to me because it has more great games than(arguably)any system to date. I think Sony has built a solid band of loyal customers from their past 2 systems.

Most people don't read the internet and don't know about all of the problems Sony has had. They don't know about their lack of games/system features and terrible online service. When casual gamers think about console video games they think...SONY. Sony has earned it though...PS1/PS2 where great systems that most people will never forget.

Times change though... Sony is being sh!t on left and right by M$. Like it or not the 360 IS the more GRAPHICALLY powerful machine with better games/controller/online/features. You can argue that Killzone 2 looks better than most 360 games(which it does) but how long has it been in development ? Almost 4 years by my watch...lol. Killzone 2 is being developed solely for Sony to show off the graphical power of the PS3. People like to say Killzone 2 is only a 2nd year game, but it's really a 3rd or 4th year game.

M$ completely took Sony's firmware update thunder at e3. Sony always claims their gonna reinvent the PS3 with updates. This fall the 360 will truly completely reinvent their system the right way instead of adding features that should have been there at launch.

I'll end like i always do...I want the PS3 to be great. I want it to have better games/online than the 360, so far it's not even close though. Bluray and loyal customers have carried Sony this far. It's time for Sony to start releasing games. It's not looking good until 2009 though. I will say that i'm looking forward to Resistance 2/Killzone 2/LBP/Socom Confrontation. Hopefully at least one of these games will fill the much needed exclusive online shooter spot for Sony.

Wait B3yond...
Written by blacktiger on 2008/07/24

Hmmm I dont think I would have to agree with you, I mean they have enough software, and I think a lot of ppl rather have PS3 and have games comming slowly to catching up VS RROD ...

there are lot of ppl including me dont have time to sent it to UPS and wait for 3 months....

But anyways I think they both doing good and SONY finally have tons of exclusive and they are all interesting, like LBP Killzone 2 and Resistance 2, now you wana talk about what's already out, please, with that excuse...

Online I dont see how much more online I want, infact like i told my friend, any Online games is interesting when it comes to multiplayer,

It's all about single player !!!
Written by blacktiger on 2008/07/24

Oh one more thing, when you say 360 is more graphic power, I have to say stop being fanboy for one second...

I mean I love to say PS3 is ten times power, but i only see slighy a bit better but its still identical,

i see dumb fan boys say its so much more powerful, but its still identical, I dont see what they are getting at for lying...

But i do belive sooner or later their power of PS3 will get better, even in E3 developers agreed it just a surface of the PS3's power !
Written by dudeman on 2008/07/24

yeah i have to laugh when xbots say the 360 has better graphics. I also have to laugh when they say there are no games for the ps3. Plenty in the catalog and WAY more must have 1st party exclusives coming in 2008-2008.

edit: 2008-2009
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