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Epic Says UEngine 4 Due 'Next Console Generation 2012-18' >
2008/07/24 13:58:22: Posted by DM
Epic's Mike Capps, speaking at the GameFest in Seattle, has been discussing the Unreal engine 4 a bit. Anyone who thinks that work has not yet begun on the next console generation hardware needs to think again. According to Capps, the Unreal Engine 4 is slated for use on the next slew of console hardware, which is anywhere from 2012-2018, it seems. The UE4 will have a "console focus," according to Capps, and recent comments made by Epic's Tim Sweeny confirm this when he said UE4 will "exclusively target" all three company's console successors.

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Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/07/26

2012 huh???

That means the Xbox 360 will have had a nice 7 year lifespace, while the PS3 will only have lasted 6 years before becoming obsolete in a new generation.

So much for Sony's 10-year lifespan nonsense.

PS1 and PS2 had over 100 million owners. Most of those systems were sold at prices of $149 or lower. The PS3 will NEVER see pricepoints like that, which is why the PS3 has ZERO chance of selling anything remotely close to 100 million systems, regardless of what Sony lies about in their 4D world of lies.
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