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Vader Coming To 360 Soul Calibur IV As Download, Screens >
2008/07/27 20:10:49: Posted by DM
Namco contacted us and asked us to remove the media because they were "unauthorized in-development material taken from the game." We removed them, but you can draw your own conclusions.

Another quality GamersReports exclusive coming your way, folks. According to one of our illustrious anonymous email sources, these three screens are of Darth Vader versus Yoda in the Xbox360 version of Soul Calibur IV. The Vader is being planned as an add-on download, it seems. No word on when, or even if ever it will be released, but the proof is in the screens, unedited for your pleasure. (Thanks, Dogbat)

*Update: Just to clarify, the Vader is supposedly going to be a download add-on, that may or may not be charged for, and this comes directly from Namco, not hacked from the disc or fan-hacked or any such sort of trickery. It is likely going to work in reverse for the PS3 version with Yoda, as well. Just to clarify on some speculation we've seen, thanks.

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Soul Calibur IV

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