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MegaDrive Returns To Stores As Handheld? >
2008/07/25 16:01:52: Posted by DM
At seems the 16bit Sega MegaDrive (Genesis
), is going to be re-born as an all-in-one handheld. The unit will include 20 built in titles, including Sonic, Golden Axe, and Revenge of Shinobi. The unit also has an A/V connector and included cable, so you cna play it on any TV with the right plugs. Three AAA batteries power the unit for hours, and you can purchase this beauty from Sega Retro Online and "leading retailer outlets." Sounds like fun, we will try to get one and review it!

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Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/07/25

This is a great idea!

However, there should be more than 20 games. For crying out loud, you could practically include the entire Genesis library by adding a small amount of extra memory.

And you LITERALLY could add the entire library if they just put it all on one inexpensive CD and included a cheap CD-ROM.

C'MON Sega, give us more games.
Written by The Limey on 2008/07/26

Not a bad deal for $60
Written by teitoku on 2008/07/26

It's hardly new...play-asia's been selling it for over a year. And it's not as simple as physically fitting the game ROMs on there....you have to pay for the license for each. Durrrrrrrrrrr
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