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2008/07/29 16:14:10: Posted by DM
Of course, it is going to be a while before we see the Playstation 4, but according to Forbes (and common sense), Microsoft and Nintendo have almost certainly started work on the next generation of game hardware. Even though developers are only just finding out what the PS3, 360, and Wii can really do, the battleground of the next-next-generation is shaping up. No one is talking specifics yet, according to Forbes, the behind the scenes framework is being put in place already. Great news, may be within 1.5 years we will start hearing the whispers. the Forbes article is an interesting read this evening, check it out.

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Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/07/29

Rumors have been floating around the Internet for a long time that there won't be a Playstation 4 released, because Sony has lossed so much money in the industry.

I noticed that Sony announced today that they had an "Operating Income Profit" for this Quarter, but that is just a subtle way of saying "We had a Gross Income Loss" and "A Net Income Loss."

Net Income represnet "the bottome line" on the accounting books, and the fact is that Sony finished "in the red," with a loss...AGAIN

Even with the HUGE improvement of PSP sales, and the impressive PS2 sales, the PS3 still caused Sony to take a loss this Quarter!

That's why there may not be a PS4.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/07/29

Written by kungfurabbit on 2008/07/29

There will be a ps4 kroga$$.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/07/29

Even I have to admit there wll be a PS4. These consoles don't impress me this generation though. I hope the next generation of consoles come with enough RAM, and the CPU's and GPU's are paired together correctly so there are no bottlenecks. Standard HDD's and a large optical media for distributing the games.

I wan't consoles that can display "TRUE" 1080P graphics running at 60fps without sacrificing any quality.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/07/29

You know Xbox was four years,

I wouldn't be suprie if Xbox 360 is three years...

So expect Xbox 720 anytime soon !
Written by incoming00 on 2008/07/29

thats funny... cuz according to a rumor floating around the gamepro offices is that there is no XBOX after the 360... i doubt that as being true though.
Written by jb33 on 2008/07/30

^^^ I highly doubt M$ is gonna leave after they pretty much stole the hardcore gaming market in 7 years. M$ should buy Sony a turn their corporation into a sweatshop for all of it's pathetic fanboys. Planet Blacktigher and dudeman would finally be accepted somewhere...
Written by dudeman on 2008/07/30

I see MS outsourcing the hardware part of their next xbox. They should stick to software and leave the hardware to the professionals.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/07/30

I agree, otherwise there will be a new name for RROD ...

and jb33, they tried to buy everyone but theygot rejected, one of them is Yahoo ! and with Sony it won't work a chance...

And by the way MS is scared since Rare really really floped on them including 25 best team players left MS...
Written by blacktiger on 2008/07/30

So I doubt they'll buy anything, they aren't good at buying Corporate...

Imagine if they bought of Yahoo,

they'll lose in the next 6 month...

This will help GOogle :p
Written by adams on 2008/12/26

I disagree about xbox 720. xbox 360 was a failure. why should they do that? Ps4 and wii2 woulb better than xbox 720. anyone isnt going to buy it
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