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NHL2K9 Demo On The PSN Now >
2008/08/14 23:30:50: Posted by DM
Just a quick FYI, folks. The demo for NHL2K9 is now available on the Sony PSN. It weighs in at 638mb, so it is not that big. The MS demo is apparently still awaiting its approval and certification, so grab this one.

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Written by jb33 on 2008/08/15

This seems like a pretty great hockey game judging from the demo. The graphics are smooth and clear as hell. The only thing i disliked was the speed of the game. It felt a little to slow IMO... EA seems to get the speed right with their hockey games, so maybe theirs will be funner to play. I think EA's hockey game is an online only game this year. It's supposed to be like a MMO... Everyone on your team will be a human controlled player. NHL 09 is probably gonna be my first hockey game purchase since NHL faceoff for PS1. NHL Faceoff was EPIC back in the day...
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/08/15

Anybody ever play Blades of Steel on the NES. Memories :)
Written by evilblackranger on 2008/08/15

ohhhhhhh wow im not even gonna get this!!!!
Written by QuestimElite on 2008/08/16

NHL is gay, in real life i mean, but tha games are cool
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