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2008/09/01 21:58:22: Posted by DM
In case you have been out BBQing on this end-of-Summer-Holiday (at least in the USA), here is the bad news. For those of you, like us, who were hoping Sony was just waiting until the last minute to send out the SOCOM PS3 beta info today, the bad news is officially in. The PS3 SOCOM beta has been delayed. The pre-order beta will start on September 5, 2008 now, and the Qore beta will start on September 12, 2008. Why Sony waited until the day of to tell us, we are not sure.

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

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Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/09/01

Come on now. The PS3 is synonymous with delay this generation.

Look I got love for the PS3 but Sony should just stop announcing things ahead of time. Does anybody over there know what the heck is going on anymore?

Written by Sky on 2008/09/01

They know... Sony would rather wait instead of releasing a buggy, broken net code game like castle crashers. Sony is not MS.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/09/01

Sky: I hope being a member of the SDF pays well...
Written by Sky on 2008/09/01

PimpDaddy: Telling the truth comes at no charge.
Written by SupremeChaotic on 2008/09/02

"hey know... Sony would rather wait instead of releasing a buggy, broken net code game like castle crashers. Sony is not MS."

That's why games consistently play better and rate higher on the 360, right?

Fanboy post fails.
Written by Kenny K on 2008/09/02

Sucks about Socom, at least they are taking their time.

sky, do you realize how long castle crashers has been delayed and in development for a DL title? Good job sh!tting on the 4 person team that made it. A better comparison would have been the ps3 release of CoD4 or the update MSGO, I'm sure as a PS3 owner, you're used to server crashes by now.

Also a delay in a beta probably doesn't have much to do with the netcode itself (that's why there's a beta) but more so with the actual game itself.
Written by Shogun Battle Twerp on 2008/09/02

This game looks really cool. When's it coming out on the 360?
Written by Sky on 2008/09/02

@ kenny k

I don't care if it's a 4 man team or 400 team. they broke the price barrier and charged 15 bucks for a shoddy product. they should not have released it if it was not ready. MS needs a stronger QA team
Written by dudeman on 2008/09/02

small delay...no biggie.
Written by Kenny K on 2008/09/02

Holy crap sky you have NO idea what the certification teams at MS, Sony, or Ninty do.</br></br>Also, you truly are an idiot if you think castle crashers is a "shoddy product", yeah the net code can kick you out every blue moon, but it's the best DL title to date. Your bias really is sickening. </br></br>Shoddy product................lol You'll exaggerate anything bad with a 360 game.

also what you should be saying is: "I don't care, as long as it's a MS product, it sucks! Whaa whaa whaa."

First you're talking about holding on to a project for more development, single out castle crashers because of one minor bug that 50% of the online titles have at launch, and then when I tell you how long it's been in development and by so few people, you pull the mangina routine and say "you don't care"</br></br>It's because you don't care that you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Now you're trying to twist your critisizm towards MS QA team when you have no idea what you're talking about.

It's all one big endless mary-go-round with you because you will twist, ignore, and look for reasons to b!tch about something that has nothing to do with the subject.

How anyone can think or side with you is beyond me.

How about you learn what a Cert team does first before you post your ignorant BS.
Written by Kenny K on 2008/09/02

Edit: I'm sorry I meant to say that CC is one of the best DL titles to date.
Written by Sky on 2008/09/02

and your dead wrong again ken. braid is the best xbla game. that's my personal opinion and it reflects in the metric score. braid is so good, i mistaked it for a psn title.
Written by fixx on 2008/09/02

mistaked it for a psn title..... lol! It would seem none of you Sony boys attended school.
Written by Kenny K on 2008/09/02

It's all a personal opinion sky, when will you learn it. Yeah Braid is awesome as well, have you ever considered, just for one second that there are plenty of awesome games on XBLA?

lol @ the metric score, there you go letting others pick your opinion for you. F*ckin tool

Keep up the useless trolling sky, I see you doing more MS/360 bashing in a ps3 related thread than I see you talking about the PS3.

I think you hate the 360 more than you love sony's nuts.

Hopefully it'll catch up to you soon and you'll go the way of the krogan and then we can FINALLY start discussing games and not some pitiful boy's agenda.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/09/02

Too many games at the same time, i'm not suprise with the delay...
Written by Kenny K on 2008/09/02

Oops sorry Pimp, I missed a f*ck up there. Don't know how these are getting past me lol
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/09/02

Ya you had a few sh!t, f*ck, and b!tch words up there too. But who's keeping score tongue.gif

Anyways. I downloaded the trailer for Socom. Please tell me the game doesn't look like that? I have seen better graphics on the non "true" HD Wii.

Written by Sky on 2008/09/02

im not being a fan boy . i love me some braid. i want to see more titles like it.
Written by dudeman on 2008/09/02

graphics look much better than that trailer. Look up some HD vids...there are lots out there. People who have played it are saying it rivals CoD4 now
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/09/02

dudeman: I was talking about the 720p trailer on PSN. But I will just have to take your word for it right now...
Written by dudeman on 2008/09/02

If it wasn't for Canada we'd be playing some good ole socom right now!

yeah i've seen that one. let me try to find a good one for you.
Written by Kenny K on 2008/09/02

sky, you're always a fanboy.
Written by Donger on 2008/09/02

There's a ton of people that are really upset that they took work off to play this yesterday and now have to wait.

That's unbelieveable and hilarious at the same time.

Written by dudeman on 2008/09/02

yeah it was so bad they disabled the comments to the news article on socom.com . Bunch of babies. lol
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