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Team Ninja Working On 3 New Games For TGS >
2008/09/04 16:40:58: Posted by DM
Team Ninja, even though they are currently splintered from their lead guru Itagaki, is apparently preparing three new action games for this year's Tokyo Game Show. Yasuharu Kakihara, president of Tecmo, revealed this news while speaking at a press conference in Japan yesterday. Not many details about the games were revealed, but we suspect at least one of them is a tie-in to a previous Tecmo game (DOA: Code Cronus, Project Progressive).

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Written by Kenny K on 2008/09/04

Whatever these games are, expect Team ninja to branch off of the DoA and Ninja Gaiden games in the future.

by branch off I mean dinstance or break away from those two franchises.
Written by vividbreeze on 2008/09/04

Sweeet....Hopefully they will come with something new this time around ;)


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