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Castle Crashers DL Content On The Way Already >
2008/09/08 10:38:44: Posted by DM
The developers of Castle Crashers, The Behemoth, have announced that content seen in CC videos left online by mistake is indeed on the way. Playable King and Necromancer characters, as well a a chainsaw weapon, are slated. According to the official CC website, a combination of slow MS approval, and the Penny Arcade Expo event, delayed The Behemoth team so much that they decided to release the game as is. Good move, we say, the game is really one of the best on the XBLA, although it does have some flaws and bugs that need to be addressed first and foremost, which the developers also know about and plan to fix before releasing more content. Things are rolling behind the scenes, it seems, so hold on as long as you can, folks.

Moving forward we can tell you that yes there will be a playable King and Necromancer. Yes, there is a chainsaw weapon, and no, they are not currently in the game. As soon as we get more information from our friends over at Microsoft we’ll share that with you.

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Castle Crashers

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Written by arthur56k on 2008/09/08

well, that was suprisingly fast
Written by xCHRISx on 2008/09/08

i never really saw what was so great about this game. didnt really enjoy the demo.
Written by arthur56k on 2008/09/08

well, every great game cannot appeal too everyone
Written by Xenos on 2008/09/08

Love the game with 3 friends, just wish the net code wasn't so unstable.

I'll get into it again when the patch is released.

Great game though, one of the best DL games out there.

edit: I meant 360 DL games out there, sorry I know how sensitive the sony fanboys get if anything on their precious console seems threatened.
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