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Molyneux Says Fable II Co-op Was Only Possible On XBL >
2008/09/30 10:21:32: Posted by DM
According to Peter Molyneux, the man at the head of the Lion-head, so to speak, has stated that the parts of Fable II that are co-op were only really possible using Xbox Live. He claims to "love Live," and that the service has not even been fully exploited yet. We will see in just a few short weeks if he was right.

"What I would say, and this is not just me being the good company man, I'd say the thing I love about the 360 more than anything is nothing to do with the hardware, it's all to do with LIVE. LIVE is still underexploited for a game mechanic. Some of the stuff in Fable II we're doing with co-op is only possible because of the way that LIVE is structured. I love playing around with that stuff as a designer. Whereas PS3 doesn't seem to be quite so mature on that side. They haven't got quite the same infrastructure and service but, you know, yeah, I'd love to get games on every platform."

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Fable 2

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Written by blacktiger on 2008/09/30

It's only possible on XBOX live, and nothing else, that includes PC online...

hahah !

Did he get butt slap to say those words...?

what online capabilities does xbox live has that PSN and PC online doesn't have...?

Play music while playing game...?
Written by incoming00 on 2008/09/30

wow! too bad online co-op isnt available when the game launches :p
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/09/30

blacktiger: SDF am cry.
Written by captkey3s on 2008/09/30

Written by VaeVictus on 2008/09/30

Another example of a guy selling his game. I take this statement (as I do all the others) with a grain of salt.

"My game can only be done on this platform, blah blah blah."

Written by Xenos on 2008/09/30

Another comment that we really can't understand without the details.

Sony's online infrastructure isn't as mature as MS' but I don't see how Fable 2's online features couldn't be done on the ps3.
Written by Makaveli on 2008/09/30

Peter Molyneux licks ms b@lls in the same way Kojima has been sniffing sonys scrotum since the psx era.

Makes perfects “financial” sense for him to puke bulls*it like this since Fable 2 is an X360 exclusive.

I just found it comical (and ridiculous) when Kojima compared the Wii as VHS video ,X360 as a DVD and the PS3 as a cinema.

Something you would expect coming from someone like blacktiger.

Bloody Sniffers.....
Written by Makaveli on 2008/09/30

**** I Love you Kojima , but boy , its time to stop with the a$$ kissing already.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/09/30

VaeVictus I hate to tell you this, but so did Resistance 2 and Killzone 2,

they said the same thing how it can only be done on PS3,

although at least they pointed it out that PS3 has cell engine which i understand.

With Fable still not explaining to us why this game can only be done on Xbox Live.

Play music while playing game?

And Incomming! they are not launching co-op multiplayer on launch day ?


your in business and if MS or SONy shows you the money, belive me, you'll do the same thing...

That's why I never say anything about Gears of War Developer, because they don't talk trash, same as MGS4.

And what Kojima said about Blu Ray how it's full, he is not the only one,

John Carmack said the same thing, how Xbox 360 disc space isnt enough but that's okay, they don't mind filling up to three disc but apparently that cost money, under MS policy !
Written by incoming00 on 2008/09/30

yup, Fable 2 is shipping without online co-op. said to be a patch within a week


so i dont see how gloating about a service only being capable on the 360 when its not capable of being shipped with the game...

thats like saying Lair's awesome analog controls will impress everyone when Lair launched! lol...........
Written by blacktiger on 2008/09/30


I couldn't argue with that part !
Written by Makaveli on 2008/09/30

@@@@ Black SDF Gimp

You got serious issues with reading comprehension , son.

Its understandable trying to make "z" system looking good when you got an exclusive contract with "z" system , but theres limits on how much non-sense a dev can say without make him look like an a$$.

Kojimas comparasion is not spicifily directed with disc spaces , hes how comparing system capabilites/power.

Once again try to understand what you are reading instead of "guessing".

* specifically
Written by blacktiger on 2008/09/30

im not guessing, i'm just saying what these developers always say about the console...
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