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Nintendo's Wii Storage Solution Announced >
2008/10/02 11:33:04: Posted by DM
Nintendo has announced the new storage solution for the Wii at their conference today in Japan. It has been confirmed that Nintendo will allow users to download games from the Wii Shop onto the SD card. It is unclear if this means users will be able to play the games directly from the card, but if not, it seems like a pretty half-assed solution to us. Nintendo also made it clear though that it will be easy to transfer the games from the SD card to the Wii main memory and vice versa. This could mean that we still cannot play the files from the card. More info when we get it. Unfortunately, this update will not even be available until Spring 2009 for some reason.

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Written by neoimpulse on 2008/10/02

I just want to be able to pop a 16gb SD card in my Wii and the Wii will load the game in its own memory from there AND show up on the channel screen thing.
Written by VaeVictus on 2008/10/02

I imagine Nintendo will not allow you to load it up from the card. I agree with DM that this route is lame beyond comparison.

Throw in Gamecube games ported to the Wii, and you have unequaled, pervasive, profound lameness.
Written by Xenos on 2008/10/02

Actually this conference has pushed me into wanting a Wii even more.

I'll reserve my judgment of this "solution" until the details are finalized and it's put in practice. If they allow the transfers to work much faster between moving the content from the VM and SD card, that shouldn't be a big deal.

But then it is Ninty, and people will find reasons to b!tch.
Written by VaeVictus on 2008/10/02

Xenos, I don't even know you anymore, lol.
Written by Xenos on 2008/10/02

lol Why? What did I say?

How often do you I fully judge something before understanding most of the details?

The only options for a storage solution would be an external HDD or using SD cards. I think using SD cards was the better route, now all we need are the details.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/10/02

Deleted: Use of foul language was not edited.

Written by VaeVictus on 2008/10/02

Xenos, you just need to get a PS3 already. I got an elite so I could play with you guys (after my 4th 360 died). All of this Wii talk is just unacceptable. You can't play with friends unless you know the square root of pi multiplied by -8 to the 478th power (wii friend codes).

b@st@rd :P
Written by Xenos on 2008/10/02


With that said, you really shouldn't look into the punch out thread =p lol
Written by VaeVictus on 2008/10/02

A sad sad day in Victus land.
Written by tr1p1ea on 2008/10/03

You obviously read how Wii's online gaming works on some xbox/ps3 forum written by someone who has never actually played a Wii online. Its quite simple to play against anyone, friends or unknown. With others you need to know their tag/email/account name ... with Wii you need their Friend Code -- What you dont know how to record a number and enter it somewhere? /lame, "oh noes i have to do it once per game" *cries like a nub* /lame^2

The homebrew scene already got SDHC cards working with Wii which means its entirely possible Nintendo will enable such functionality as well.

Its quite obvious that the major issue with running channels from external memory is piracy of course.

*defcon 4 @ Wii sales* = funny :).
Written by Xenos on 2008/10/03

@ tr1p1ea, I have to be honest, along with the lack of chat support, the friends code is probably the biggest sore spot in Ninty's online set up.

With Live you just need to enter a gamertag once, being required to enter a numeric code for every game is unnecessary and a huge step backwards from even Live v.1 on the original xbox. It's not THAT big of a deal since the Wii wouldn't be my online gaming console, but to try to defend this method when many Wii owners complain about it themselves, is pointless. Ninty says that they are taking online serious "we just don't know it", and I say they are full of sh!t in that regard. It's a legit complaint, no matter how much Victus will exaggerate it =p
Written by tr1p1ea on 2008/10/03

The Friend Code system is there because Nintendo expects that you are going to be playing against REAL LIFE FRIENDS. Which is why i expect the majority of 'legit complaints' or bashing will be coming from those who only really have 'online' friends; very few friends irl if any at all. This would explain peoples perplexion at such a system.

You must remember what Wii's install base is.
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