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2008/12/17 12:43:32: Posted by DM
Believe it or not, it seems employers are screening out potential employees who play World of Warcraft. The drawbacks are obvious, of course, with the game having the potential to suck up every free minute of a worker's time. May be even more than free minutes. If you are looking for a job, folks, make sure you keep WoW to yourself.

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Written by SupremeChaotic on 2008/12/17

I play WoW constantly, but would never mention that in an interview.

If someone were to ask, I would say that I enjoy spending my time researching lore and reading. =D
Written by cowl on 2008/12/18

maybe they just hate people with no taste in games
Written by SupremeChaotic on 2008/12/18

Have you even played WoW? Just curious...

Everyone that I play with has 360s, PS3s and Wiis that we all play outside of WoW.
Written by Cybercell on 2008/12/18

Kinda funny how earlier in WoW's life there was a bunch of published articles about how employers would prefer WoW players. Now they don't want them, people can't seem to make up their mind it seems.

Cowl, doesn't look like you've actually played the game to make a comment like that. Makes me wonder what you would consider to be a game with 'taste'.
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