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2009/01/09 0:36:55: Posted by DM
Just a reminder for those who are interested. The open beta download for Windows 7 will be available sometimes today, Friday January 9, 2009, over at the official Win7 site. The new windows comes without some of the standard apps you are used to, and you have to choose which you want to include. It also features the latest version of DirectX, if I am not mistaken. Keep your eyes peeled today, it should be posted any time now.

*Update: We have been told by a drunken troll that 12 Noon PST is the time to start looking.

*Update 2 From the Windows 7 Team Blog: Due to very heavy traffic we’re seeing as a result of interest in the Windows 7 Beta, we are adding some additional infrastructure support to the Microsoft.com properties before we post the public beta. We want to ensure customers have the best possible experience when downloading the beta, and I’ll be posting here again soon once the beta goes live. Stay tuned! We are excited that you are excited!

*Update 3 on the official Windows 7 Website (page from original news item link): Thanks for your interest in the Windows 7 Beta. The volume has been phenomenal—we're in the process of adding more servers to handle the demand. We're sorry for the delay and we'll re-post the Beta as soon as we can ensure a quality download experience.

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Written by Cybercell on 2009/01/09

Vista is still in bata if you ask me so Windoes 7 is pre,pre,pre Alpha!.....damn Microsoft!
Written by blacktiger on 2009/01/09

I hear rumour how they might discontinue Vista, wouldn't be suprise...
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/09

Do you use vista cybercell?
Written by daveydz3 on 2009/01/09

my brother has vista an while it looks great, i myself just can't get a handle on it, pluss it uses so much of it resources. I for one am waiting for windows 7, i think it's taking back to a robust and scalable OS
Written by Makaveli on 2009/01/12

W7 looks and feels prety much like vista.... By the way vista is not as bad as some say , as long as you got a 3gb+ Ram kit and a decent cpu , things should run smootly.

Security and working wise , is not worse than XP in any shape of form.
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