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2008/11/18 11:47:01: Posted by DM
Rumors began to surface after the game rating body in Australia, the OFLC, posted a listing for Outrun Online Arcade. This is a collaboration between THQ and Sega, according to the site. No more details were provided, as you can see, but this would be similar to Test Drive Online, we assume.
2008/11/17 11:10:21: Posted by DM
The rumors that surfaced about a month ago regarding a possible Guitar Hero arcade cabinet are looking a bit less "rumory" now. The cabinet is being published by, believe it or not, Konami, and in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday, at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions exhibit, it will be officially revealed. Supposedly. Rumor mill for now, more info when we have it.
2008/11/15 16:49:34: Posted by DM
This one is rumor mill until we can get some sort of Sony word on it. Apparently, one website is reporting that SOCOM: Confrontation has been dealyed until 2009 in Europe. The release date on the Australian Sony site has also been changed to reflect 2009. The forums in Europe are going crazy, as you can imagine. As soon as we get some sort of confirmation, we will update. As you know, the game has been out in North America for a few weeks, and has been plagued with issues. The most recent patch 1.30 does help a lot, though. (Thanks, Dapunk)

Update: We asked our Sony rep if he could shed any light on it, and of course, Sony gave us the party line.

Sony Computer Entertainment America does not comment on producet launches
for other territories, including Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

2008/11/12 13:19:40: Posted by DM
Rumor mill for now, but the Japanese Square-Enix website has a new Bahamut URL that has a countdown on it. In just over 5 days, it seems a new game will be revealed that apparently centers around the God. As you can see from the image, it may have something to do with his origins, but that is just our speculation. Stay tuned.
2008/11/11 15:51:53: Posted by DM
According to GamingConfidential, a source working for MS has revealed that there will be some bigtime drama when the NXE Update is released on November 19. He even said that the dreaded RROD (Red Ring) issue could come roaring back to life. The release date, according to the rep, is just a few days after the extended warranted for the Red Ring issue expires (for launch consoles, that is, [hope its clearer now]). Coincidence? We will see very soon.

He adds "Our department is bracing itself from irrate callers after the update is released. I'm bringing some aspirin to work this holiday season," he adds.
2008/11/11 15:05:09: Posted by DM
According to Gonintendo, GameReactor has the info on the new Wii Opera Browser 2.0. It will features new buttons, Wii Speak compatibility, Wii Mail interface, and upgraded tabbing functions. It will be released this December for 500 Wii points, and if you paid for the first one, this one is free. No word on what happens to us who downloaded the first for free. Most likely we will have to pay.
2008/11/10 16:00:33: Posted by DM
The website 3sat spoke with the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, and when asked about the Wii HD, he replied, "I'm afraid we cannot confirm what we are doing today." Of course, this is far from confirmation, but reading between the lines, it is a safe bet something is in the works. After also stating that technology is evolving in Japan, and that all broadcasts must go HD in 2010, he said it was a misconception that the Wii is not capable of meeting hardcore gamer's desired level of graphical quality.

"But the fact of the matter is that technology is evolving all the time and in Japan, for example in the year 2010 all the analogue broadcast will be stopped and shifted into the digital broadcasting. So many things are taking place and we are working in terms of the changes of the technologies all the time."
2008/11/10 14:16:19: Posted by DM
It seems that Rose, the fighter from the SF Alpha/Zero series, is going to be in SF IV. As you can see, Shoryuken obtained what is supposedly an image of the console edition SF IV character select screen, and there on the bottom row, between Dan and Sakura, is someone who looks an awful lot like Rose. Rumor mill for now, but great news if true.
2008/11/07 9:02:16: Posted by DM
The latest issue of EGM has some interesting QMann Rumors. It seems that Epic's Cliffy B. may be working on a new title already -- a survival horror game. Like we do not have enough of those already, enough good ones, that is. It may mix the graphic elements of GoW with a new "psychological terror filled" story. It will be multi-platform, though, unlike Gears. Also, the people over at Media Molecule, the Little Big Planet creators, are hard at work now that the launch issues are fixed. There is supposedly a Metal Gear and Final Fantasy accessory DLC pack in the works. Great news, rumor mill of course.
2008/11/06 12:02:43: Posted by DM
Over at YouTube is supposed proof that the Nintendo DSi has already been cracked to run homebrew code. That was fast, huh? The video seems legit, of course, but we will rumor mill it for now.
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