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2008/07/02 15:54:03: Posted by DM
Sony has pulled the 2.40 firmware update from their servers after tons of reports that user's PS3 units were acting "weird" and not working at all after updating. As you can see by the linked thread in the official PS3 forums, this is not a few users experiencing isolated incidents. One of the biggest games on the PS3 to date, MGS4, is being affected, with black screens and freezing reported. Oh boy Sony, did you not test something again? We so want to love the PS3, why are you making it so hard? (Thanks, Pur)
2008/07/02 15:11:40: Posted by DM
IT security firm Sophos has warned that hackers have broken into Sony's official Playstation website. Apparently, unauthorized code was discovered on pages promoting SingStar Pop and God of War. The code caused pop-up ads to appear on visitor's screens, telling them virii had been detected on their computers. They then conveniently provided a link to purchase anti-virus software. Apparently, it would be easy for the hackers to alter the code to perform even more malicious acts, warned Sophos.

"It is essential that all websites, especially when they are high profile like this or receiving a large level of traffic, have been properly hardened to prevent hackers from injecting malicious code on to what should be legitimate webpages," Cluley added.
2008/07/02 8:28:47: Posted by DM
The 2.4 Playstation 3 update is out, just like Sony promised, but there are a few stipulations.

First of all, you cannot access the in-game XMB while watching a movie or while playing a PS1/PS2 game, not even downloaded PS1 games from the store. Sony is apparently looking into getting the XMB working with movies.

Second, games need to be patched to support trophies and in-game custom soundtracks. Almost all games will not have retroactive trophies, otherwise the trophy whoring would run rampant, apparently. Super Stardust HD has its 4.00 patch out, which supports trophies, supposedly. That's it for now. Stay tuned.
2008/06/30 8:09:14: Posted by DM
According to the official PS blog, the much-anticipated 2.4 PS3 firmware will be available in just a few days, July 2, 2008. The update, as you know, will include the new XMB features, as well as the new trophy system. The PS blog even had walk through videos for both new features, so check it out.
2008/06/27 12:01:36: Posted by DM
SCE's Kaz Hirai, speaking at the PlayStation Business Review in Tokyo, revealed that come Fall, the Playsatation 3 is in for more internal changes. Smaller RSX and Cell chips would be used in the home console, starting "this Fall." The PS3 has already shifted from 90nm technology to 65nm technology. We assume they will be going even further to 45nm technology.
2008/06/27 11:03:44: Posted by DM
According to Variety, Sony has not signed any third-party movie companies yet to provide content for the PS3 movie download service that was announced yesterday. Sony Pictures does have a decent movie selection to begin the service with, so it is not necessary at this point, but eventually Sony is going to need third-party support to keep on par with MS.

"Sources at numerous major studios confirmed to me that while they have all talked to Sony, none have yet made a deal. The only one that's definitely on board so far is, for obvious reasons, Sony Pictures," writes Variety reporter Ben Fritz.
2008/06/26 16:55:15: Posted by DM
According to a Sony rport today, over 9.8 million users have registered for the PSN network. They have tallied up over 170 million downloads, and with the announcement today of the new PSN movie service, that number will only grow, we are sure.
2008/06/26 13:56:01: Posted by DM
We are just starting to get reports in that the PS3 friend list capacity has been expanded to 100. This is double what it was before. Check for yourselves, but it has been confirmed by more than one outside source at this point.
2008/06/26 8:47:13: Posted by DM
SCEJ has confirmed that a new movie download service will be available on the PS3 shortly. The service will be live this Summer in the US, which means anytime time. The roll out for Japan and Europe will be at a "later date," according to Kaz Hirai. The service is said to rival Microsoft's HD movie service on the Xbox360, which has a substantial head start.
2008/06/25 13:59:31: Posted by DM
Since the PS3 2.4 firmware trophy leak hit the net yesterday, CVG has gotten an update directly from Sony regarding the new system, and they share the details with us.

There will be four types, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Platinum is only awarded when you have collected all other trophies in a game, which stands to reason. There are no gamer points, it is all done by a leveling up system like COD4. The firmware is expected in about three weeks or so, right around E3 time. They also have a list of in-game XMB features that will be available. They include:

* Friend category
* View, send, receive messages
* Manage downloads
* Sign in to PlayStation Network
* Register friends
* Manage Bluetooth devices
* Music category
* Use the system BGM
* Work the system BGM operation panel
* View profiles
* Game category
* Use the voice changer

Check the link for the full details, it seems the PS3 is finally catching up to the 360 in terms of dashboard features.
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