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2008/08/13 12:46:56: Posted by DM
The so-called first images of the Wii external HDD device, posted by NeoCrisis, were apparently fake. CVG has confirmed with Nintendo that they have not announced or revealed any HDD device, and any reports to the contrary are (the classic line) "rumors and speculation." The NeoCrisis post has been removed, of course, but CVG has a copy of the crazy looking image.
2008/08/12 9:04:05: Posted by DM
This week's Wii downloadable releases include only one WiiWare title, but it is certainly an interesting one. The new StrongBad game! Now, for those of you not familiar with StrongBad, and we cannot imagine there are many of you out there, you may enjoy his antics when he responds to e-mails over at http://www.homestarrunner.com. Check it out if you are curious. The Virtual Console releases are Star Parodier, and Break In, by the way. Click read more for the full info.


Aug. 11, 2008

If your idea of a superhero is someone with an invincible ego who can type e-mails while wearing boxing gloves, then the Wii™ Shop Channel has great news for you. The legendary Strong Bad (from the popular Homestar Runner Web series) makes his eagerly anticipated WiiWare™ debut this week. For even more laughs and clever gaming kicks, you'll also find a satirical space-age shooter on the Virtual Console™, along with a classic billiards game for those who prefer to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground.
2008/08/11 9:51:06: Posted by DM
This is one of those more "out there" new posts, but get this. Nintendo has banned the legendary Mario Man Shigeru Miyamoto from speaking about his hobbies in public. This comes after Nintendo has had a string of game hits based on these ideas, such a Pikmin, from Miyamoto's gardening habits, and Nintendogs, after his love of pets. Miyamoto's ideas are potentially worth millions, and Nintendo wants them all to stay locked up behind closed doors. Talk about corporate protection!
2008/08/11 8:54:20: Posted by DM
Speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival this morning, former SCEE president Chris Deering predicted that Sony and Nintendo will tie in the coveted hardware sales race by 2011. He said the Xbox360 will grow "decently," but not enough to equal the other two.

"This is not necessarily because I've got some issues with Xbox 360 in Continental European countries et cetera, but because of the set-top box hi-def phenomenon."
2008/08/07 11:06:16: Posted by DM
Xbox VP David Gosen spoke with MCV recently about the state of downloadable games. He said that there is "no question" that the sale of DL games will overtake the sales of retail, in-store games. Seems like a no-brainier to us, but he then goes on to say that he expects it to happen the same way it happened in the music industry. Can't complain about games delivered to your door, we suppose.
2008/08/05 13:33:01: Posted by DM
Saints Row 2 producer Dan Sutton spoke with CVG yesterday, and related why the Wii is not likely to get a port of the franchise. Sutton claims that the use of the Wiimote as an on-screen weapon would likely cause too much "controversy." We must say, sad is the day that politics dictate what systems get what games.

"With games like ours you get much more controversy when you add motion controls like you saw with Manhunt 2," said Sutton. "We have weapons like chainsaws, satchel charges, stuff like that. I can definitely see people having a problem and outcry towards that because it does actually feel like you're using weapons that way."
2008/08/04 13:24:23: Posted by DM
Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has stated that the new WiiMotion Plus accessory that debuted at E3 2008 will not be a requirement for gaming on the Wii. The WMP will be an add-on, like the zapper, Wii Balance Board, and Wii Wheel. Developers will make games work both ways, apparently. Great news for money-conscious gamers, and those who do not have access to well-stocked stores.
2008/08/04 8:10:37: Posted by DM
The WiiWare and VC releases for this week include Sonic & Wild West Guns. Click read more for the full info.


The list of available games for Wii™ owners just keeps on growing as we add another trio of titles to the Wii™ Shop Channel. This week's lineup features Old West thrills, supernatural chills and a little blue hedgehog whose name you're sure to recognize. Thanks to Nintendo's WiiWare™ downloadable game service and the classic-filled Virtual Console™, building your own blockbuster video game library has never been easier.
2008/07/31 13:50:23: Posted by DM
IGN has posted a video of one of the Nintendo developers demoing the WiiMotion Plus. The presenter is a bit boring, so bear with him, but it does show the potential of the device.
2008/07/31 9:18:29: Posted by DM
SNK has revealed their official plans to make available Samurai Shodown II for the Wii Virtual Console on August 4, 2008. Click read more for the full info.


Wall, NJ – July 31, 2008 – SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION, the U.S. publishing arm of the SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION, announced today the forthcoming release of SAMURAI SHODOWN II for Wii™ Virtual Console™ on August 4th 2008.
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