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All Pro Football 2K8

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Written by Vividbreeze on Wednesday, August 01 2007

Slowly but surely, 2K Sports brings back what many fans were eagerly waiting for. The highly anticipated ESPN NFL 2K5 was truly cherished by many. The reason for it is because it is one of the most highly crafted football game ever created. Not to mention, it was the last NFL-licensed game ever made by 2K Sports. For all the years that have past since then, fans have been biting their nails waiting to see what 2K Sports would bring to top off 2K5 and add an alternative to Madden. The answer is All-Pro Football 2K8. As you play the game you will reminisce on 2K5. Which in fact, it’s precisely what this game accomplishes. The game play is just like 2K5, the difference? It contains a roster of classic players from the NFL old-timer list. Such players include, Dan Marino, Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, Walter Payton, the infamous OJ Simpson, and other archaic players. Subsequently, this twist of adding classic players really heightens fans interest to pick up a copy.

Furthermore, to add to the excitement of this release is the fact that you get to build your own superstar team. Essentially, from the moment you boot up your task is to build the team of your dreams. You are provided with 11 empty slots to fill up with these classical superstars. The remainder of the slots are filled with generic players. The classic players are ranked in gold, silver, and bronze tiers. You have the option of choosing 2 gold, three silver, and 6 bronze players for any team you create and for any position you want. An odd aspect of this game is how there is a variety of unrecognizable players. But, nevertheless, the vast amount of legendary classics outweigh these uncanny left-overs. Filling in these spots with the right players is crucial to the gameplay. It is all about balance. This task is quite tricky but fun to try out. You can create new teams or edit your current ones until you feel comfortable knowing that you have the best team.

In addition, once your team is on the field, everything will be settled pretty quickly. This is similar to 2K5, but with different gameplay tweaks. These new tune-ups include a new gang tackling system that pretty much looks and feels superior to anything found in recent Madden games. Also, a new right-analog-stick tackling technique. This new technique lets you do big hits, high and low tackles, or reach tackles (which doesn't really work well). Aside from that, there are other impressive new features. There is a new kick meter that turns the right analog stick into a kicker's leg, where you pull back on it to start the play then aim and then push forward to kick. It is not as easy task, very tricky, but can be done with a lot of practice.

There are no major noticeable changes made to this game compared to 2K5. Fortunately, the gameplay is still fun, and feels realistic. The moves and the blocking still supersedes other football games. As a custom, the flaws must be brought to light if not already known. As an offline single player game, it is a weak effort. There is not much to do and because of it there's no enjoyment. You get a quick game mode, then one season to play, and once you win the championship that's about as far as you'll go. It has none of the amenities that 2K Sport fans have been accustomed to for the past few years. Additionally, the players are set to be either gold, silver, or bronze. There is no way to change their ratings or attributes. Also, their appearance and names can't be edited, which takes away some the excitement. Apart from that, there is also another small disappointment. The audio commentaries are noticeably taken from the original 2K5. As do many celebration animations. Why not upgrade and create new graphics? Furthermore, I along with many fans, find a few scenes quite inappropriate or down right primitive. For example, the animation where OJ Simpson is doing a throat-cut maneuver after a big play.

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