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Digimon World: Data Squad

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Written by Vividbreeze on Thursday, September 13 2007

Namco Bandai’s creature collection battle series is back. Soon enough the much longed for RPG game will be released on Sept. 18. The continued success of the Digimon series of games and cartoons has by no means surprised us, the young at heart. However, the elderly bunch have been baffled by the fact and if you ask me why? I wouldn’t know what to say. I, from Gamers Reports, had the chance to play Data Squad to get the taste of what many are eagerly waiting to take a bite of. In the very near future you will take that bite, but for now here is a bit of an appetizer before the big meal.

Like many of the standard RPG’s, their methods are intact. You will be guiding your Digimon trainer through a map, encountering a vast amount of random monsters battles, while in battle with 3 Digimon monsters you will be able to control your skills and powers to defeat these foes as well as being able to control your 3 Digimons. Your options in battles also remain intact, options being attack, guard, item, or escape. Within each option you will have several choices, such as different methods of attacks, power-ups, healing potions, etc. In a battle the given mood of your Digimon will determine what action it wants to take, meaning they have a will of their own. If you choose to follow your Digimon’s mood, your Digimon will become more effective and it will be more apt to listen to you in the future. For those learning machinations of RPG’s, the emote system is a help system that will lend you a hand in defeating the many monsters your Digimon will encounter in its journey.

Furthermore, the game opens with undoubtedly to background information or story. Basically, you are thrown into the dark with no light. You will be thrust into the middle of a mission in the digital world. You, the player, will immediately take control of Marcus, the protagonist of the anime series. Marcus Damon, aka Agumon, is not only a smart 14 yr. old boy, but an undefeated street fighter that fights with his fists alone. As member of the secretive Data Squad, Marcus and his team examine the mysterious disappearance of numerous kids. During this investigation, the 7 demon kings arrive. With their arrival, they unleashed havoc throughout the world. As Marcus, you are solely responsible to find the missing kids, whether they are lost or truly abducted. You will be on this search while defeating the deadly 7 demon kings and their evil minions.

Additionally, I am delighted to mention that there will be more than 140 different new Digimons presented. This also includes the different forms that they can evolve into. On top of that, you will also find more than 250 unique items in the game that can help out in battle or with your Digimon’s evolution. You will have more control over how your virtual pers Digivolve. Don’t panic, you will figure it out. If you want to take them on a specific path of evolution, you can use the new Galactic Evolution System to choose their fate. The chart, which looks like a space map, shows you the current state of your Digimon and features branches that show the different forms it can evolve into. The choice is yours to choose the form of your Digimon.

Overall, all of the Digimons in the game will fall into certain species or element categories. As a result, some Digimon will be more effective against certain enemies than others. To become more effective, you will have to know the strengths and weaknesses of those Digimons. You will be able to take up to 4 Digimons on your journey, but only 3 can fight with you in battles. As most missions present, you will solve puzzles, fight bosses, explore areas for items, and move on to the next missions. Data Squad promises over 20 hours of game play. So, please don’t finish it up in one day, let it last. The ride was mostly enjoyable except for the long battle loading times, but maybe it will be resolved as the game comes out soon. So for those long time fans, plug in and download yourself into the digital world, you’re in for an interesting ride.


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