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Written by DM on Tuesday, September 18 2007

Atmosphere and ambience. Two “a” words that are very important to gaming, and have been since day one, yet seem to be consistently overlooked these days. Well, not this time. Bioshock has these two assets in spades. As you have already seen, most review houses have concluded that this is more than enough to put Bioshock over the top in terms of review score, with 10s and 9s abounding. But is the game really worth all that much praise? Let’s find out.

Bioshock is the spiritual successor to System Shock and System Shock 2, both great games in their own right. The game is a first person shooter set in the underwater city of Rapture, circa 1955. The architech and resident madman is Andrew Ryan, and throughout the game you will be treated to conversations with him via your short wave radio. He is not the only character you will meet though, as soon as the game begins you will be guided by an “Atlas,” who helps you make it to safety before you get, well, eaten I suppose is the only word for it.

As I said, the game is played in the first person perspective. Calling Bioshock simply a first person shooter though, would be doing it a great disservice. If anything, the game is closer to TES IV: Oblivion than any other FPS game out today. The game is an RPFPS -- a role-playing-first-person-shooter, and you will quickly forget you are even playing in FPS perspective.

As the game begins, you are immediately throw into chaos as the plane you are riding on goes down in a remote part of the ocean. As you come to, you find yourself being dragged underwater by the debris, and you must swim to the surface, for your life. As you surface, you will immediately notice just how much time and effort the designers put into Bioshock, as not only are their large chunks of airplane all around you, but the surface of the water is on fire. Yes, I said fire – the jet fuel has ignited, and there is only one was to make it through. That is, if you can take your eyes off the sinking fuselage and gorgeous flames that surround you. You will eventually make your way to a small tower that happens to be sticking out of the ocean at the exact spot you crashed. Coincidence? That is for you to play and find out.

Once you are able to get over the graphical beauty and actually enter the tower, you will make your way to a bathysphere which will, once the switch is flipped, begin your descent into madness – the submerged city of Rapture awaits. As you descend, the true scope of the game will become apparent, most of the passages and places you see on the way down will be visited by you at some point in the game. You will also see one of the creepiest enemies ever created for a game – a Big Daddy. This is basically a deep diver’s suit come to life, but more on that later.

As the bathysphere stops, the trouble starts. You will immediate be treated to a vision of a man being mauled by some sort of mutant which you will later find out is called a splicer. Once the splicer is done with the anonymous target, it sets upon your bathysphere! You then must use the short wave radio provided, and Atlas will help guide you past the mutant and give you a few tips to get your game started. A pretty standard tutorial built right into the game, and yes, you will even be introduced to the Little Sister/Big Daddy enemy combo – as I said, one of the creepiest enemy sets in any game to date.

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