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Stuntman: Ignition

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Written by DM on Friday, September 21 2007

Those of you who have played a Stuntman game before are familiar with the repetition that the game involves. Of course, those of you who are not familiar with the series need to take a moment to realize that Stuntman: Ignition and the other Stuntman titles are all about perfection, or at least, as close to it as you can come before you move to the next task. If this sounds like fun to you then keep reading, if repeating the sake task over and over in a game is not your thing, then you may want to go grab that novel you have been meaning to finish and give it a whirl.

Stuntman: Ignition is the sequel to the 2002 PS2 game, Stuntman. The concept apparently proved popular enough to warrant a next game in the series. In both games, you play an amateur stunt vehicle driver who must make his debut in Hollywood and make a name for yourself. You do this in Stuntman: Ignition by performing stunts throughout the course of six movies, each shoot getting progressively more difficult. The mechanics of the game involve you working your way through a series of tasks on a closed course, sideswiping this parked car or jumping over that burning building. If you miss too many “marks,” as they are called, a reshoot will be called for, and you will have to start again. This is where the game gets many of its positive features, and its one big negative feature – the repetition.

After you finish each shoot, you will be awarded one to five stars. These stars are used to increase your rank and unlock new movies for you to work on. Scoring when on a shoot is based on hitting all the pre-determined marks, and performing the stunts pretty much exactly as the director envisioned them. Unfortunately, following this method will only net you points up to a certain level. If you really want to break that 5 star mark (each shoot you can be awarded up to 5 stars, most award 4 at best, even if you hit every mark), you have to do two things. You must perform your own side stunts that aren’t marked on the map, and in doing so you will likely automatically do the second thing, which is string your own tasks together so that you never go too long without a stunt. If you can do this, you will be awarded the elusive 5 star rating, which you will need to unlock the last parts of the game.

As I said, Stuntman: Ignition is based on repetition. In an ironic twist, many scenes may only run for less than 3 minutes, but that same scene may take hours to achieve a decent star rating on. This, of course, means driving the same shoot over, and over, and over, again. And maybe even a few more times after that for good measure. As I said as well, the key to achieving a top score is stringing stunts together, but the combo meter runs out extremely fast, so this means you will have to find some car or obstacle to stunt from after only a few seconds of completing your last stunt. The easiest way to do this is to drive near other vehicles, all the while keeping from crashing and still staying close enough to said vehicle to register as a stunt. For once, it is much harder than it sounds, not much easier. This is the game’s biggest downfall, as performing the same scene up to 40 times (yes, I was somewhere around 40 when I gave up on one shoot and took the 3 stars they awarded me) can make you want to not only pull your hair out, but pull your head out along with the hair.

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