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Written by DM on Monday, October 01 2007

Lair has gotten a ton of bad press in both the professional and amateur review quarters. So much so that Sony felt the need to release a player’s guide to the game for free, which basically laid out the way the game was supposed to be played. Frankly, the game was not as bad as the hype suggested but Sony promised so much more than they delivered there was really no way around the negative press.

Factor 5’s dragon rider title will put you in the driver’s seat of a huge fire-breathing, flying lizard. The game cannot be played without using the SixAxis pad’s motion control system, which is utilized to move the dragon and perform the special aerobatics that the game sometimes requires. When the game first was announced way back in 2005, the screenshots were almost not to be believed, they were truly stunning. Well, now that the game is actually here, I can say that the images and videos were a bit of a put-on. Sony definitely used the last minute delay of the game to crank the visuals down a bit, in order to make sure the frame rate stayed, at minimum, playable. Do not get me wrong, the game still looks amazing in still shots, but they are not the visuals we were promised a year ago.

We might as well address the other major gripe here and now -- the control system. The controls of Lair do take a bit of getting used to. Not as much as you would think, though. If you tilt the pad right, you fly right, if you pull the pad up quickly, you fly up, and if you push the pad towards the floor in a swoop, your dragon will go into a speed dive. It is hard for me to understand how other reviewers could give the control scheme such a bashing, when really it only took an hour or so to get used to. Of course, there are certain boss fights which require claw to claw dragon combat, and those can get a bit tricky when using the SixAxis, but thankfully, those are few and far between. Other than that, the game should not be the horrible burden of control that reviewers are making it out to be. If it is truly that hard for you to play this game with the SixAxis, then you are not cut out for motion controlled games, at all. For sure, there should have been an option included to control the dragon with the stick, but it is not the end of the world using the SixAxis, I assure you.

In Lair, you play Rohn, the eventual defacto leader of the air guard, the captain dragon rider, as it were. You are a member of the Asylian people, and your long-time, off-again, on-again, enemies the Mokai are at it once again, making trouble for you. You must find out why they suddenly chose to attack you, and after 4 or 5 mission, what part they played in the traitorous slaying of certain important Asylian leaders.

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