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Written by DM on Monday, October 15 2007

Warhawk was one of the best games to grace the legendary Playstation gaming system. When Sony announced it would be one of the first to grace their third foray into the console market, many of us could not have been happier. Unfortunately, since its announcement, it was plagued by so many rumors and changes that many of us did not know what to expect.

When the final product was revealed, it seemed that the game had been turned into a cheap multiplayer-only online game. The game was set in fps view, and as a soldier on the ground, you could hop into vehicles in order to grab control points, a la Battlefield 2 style. It seemed doomed from the start, I mean, no matter how good the game turned out, it had all been done before.

Well, I am happy to say the game turned out as great as it could possibly be, considering the title accomplishes nothing that has not been done before on other gaming platforms. The game is available in a retail box with a Bluetooth headset, or for download through the PSN store. The game’s depth and game play really do make up for Sony stripping down the franchise to multiplayer-only, even though many of us would have still loved a good old single player adventure with our Warhawk air vehicle.

As soon as you begin the game, you set up your basic character model and appearance to other players. You can select the default faction you wish to play for, the Eucadians or the Chernovians. The Eucadians feel much more WWII-era, while the Chernovians are a bit more technologically based, and seem closer to our current time. Fortunately, the side you choose really has no impact whatsoever other than outward appearance. Whichever side you are more comfortable blowing out of the sky or taking out on land, you pick the opposite side.

When you begin, you will be able to play with up to 31 other players online. There are four main gameplay modes, Deathmatch, Team DM, Capture the Flag, and Nodes. The first three modes should be old hat to anyone who has played video games at all, but there are a few twists to take note of. You can set things like “dogfight only,” which means you never touch the ground. This ends up being more or less pointless in the non-deathmatch modes.

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