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Written by HotHitter on Sunday, October 21 2007

Alright guys, hot off the hardwood it's HoTHiTTeR here bringing you my breakdown of NBA2K8 for the Xbox360. If you can just take a moment and pretend with me that NBA2K8 didn't really have any competition, that it really didn't have that spark in its eye to surpass another competitor, that knew it was at the top of its game, and didn't need to "fix" things that weren't really broken to begin with. Ok, open your eyes. Not much is different in that imaginary world than in real life right? Right.

NBA2K8 was ceremoniously crowned king of the court last year. So much love went their way last season that EA Sports didn't even bother putting out its once legendary NBA title on the slow-to-launch Playstation 3. Some folks at EA might say it was too late in the year, but that didn't stop them porting Madden08 over did it?

Now the meat and potatoes...Boot up NBA2K8 and you're pretty much right into the action; from the very beginning you're placed at the team select screen. Not much as changed here in comparison to recent years, pick two teams, get your game on. The usual array of retro and alternate jerseys are available, as are readily options settings to customize your quick match. If you hit the right stick, 2K's Nav guide pops up; this is where the bulk of the game options are. If you've played a 2K game, you've come to appreciate the ease of this menu, and how it hides when you don't need it.

New this year is a redesigned street mode titled NBA Blacktop. Within it you'll find many of the mini-game modes that EA's NBA Live 08 holds under their All-Star Weekend License. While these seem like they wouldn't be that huge of an addition, when paired with Xbox Live and Ranked play, the dunk contest itself between 2 friends can be some of the most fun you'll have playing this game. Oh yes, you heard right, dunk contest. 2K really outdid themselves too with the list of amazing dunks available to the player; preformed by doing a gather (jump) move by pointing the right stick in a direction or spinning it 180 or 360 degrees, then choosing another stick motion for the dunk itself. Oops, and before I forget, you can add props to the floor to jump over, and you can do self passes by hitting a direction on the left stick and the A button. Pretty amazing complexity, it took me about 30 minutes before I nailed my first dunk. After that I was dunking with amazing results within 30 more. This isn't to say that you'll be pulling off 100's like no other. The game takes into account if another player has used the dunk in the contest, on what attempt you hit the dunk and at what height did you soar before the dunkage. Simply. Awesome.

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