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Sega Rally Revo

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Written by DM on Wednesday, October 24 2007

Those of you who have played Sega Rally before, and especially fans of the series like myself, have been waiting for a new Sega Rally game for a long time. When Sega Rally Revo was announced for the next-gen consoles, most of us could not wait to get our hands on the game. Now that the game is finally available, I can say that while the classic elements of the game are still present, it seems like much has also been changed.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Sega rally series, I will give you a brief overview. Sega Rally is basically rally racing stripped down to its purest arcade form. Car customization, transmission selection, and diversity in general is not one of the game's strong suits. All the visual elements and excitement are derived on the track, based on your driving skill. Weight distribution, great pad adjustment, or even spoiler changes, affect your car's performance in very minor ways. Some may say these tweaks have no effect at all. That is why Sega did not include many customization options outside of aesthetics.

As I said, the driving itself is the focus of Sega Rally Revo. In fact, you will have to learn an entirely new method of driving in order to do well. What I mean by this is that in Sega Rally, power sliding and constant turning are par for the course. You do not so much as turn a corner in this game, as you do slide around the corner. Rally game players will understand what I mean, but trust me, in Sega Rally, the sliding turn principle is taken to the extreme. Sometimes in the hairpin turns, your car's headlights will be facing the opposite way before you are even around the turn. This is arcade handling, through and through.

Along with the sliding turn method, comes a very steep learning curve. Beginners, and even mediocre players such as myself, will find themselves coming in third place and below, for a least the first set of races in the career/championship mode. It also takes a steady hand, in order to regain control once a sliding turn is completed. Beginners will certainly find themselves bouncing from one wall of the track to the other, pinball machine style. What makes this especially annoying is the fact that the spot where the track ends and the track edge begins is frequently hard to spot. In fact, the environmental visual cues that are so important to rally racers seem to be lacking overall in Sega Rally Revo. All these factors combine to make SRR one of the more difficult racing games you will ever play. And yes, this is a bad thing, not a good thing. Fortunately, once you get the hang of driving in Sega Rally, or, I should say, once you get the hang of letting up on the gas at the right time in Sega Rally, things do get it significantly easier.

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