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Super Mario Galaxy

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Written by DM on Thursday, December 13 2007

If big open levels are your thing then you are also in luck. Mixed in with the island hopping galaxies are galaxies where there are 2 or 3 wide open land masses where you must fight enemies (Goombas are back), and solve jumping puzzles in order to open up the star shooter. These are split about half and half with the other type of galaxy. Then there are a few galaxies which do not fit in any category. Those are the fun ones, folks.

Of course, a Mario game would not be a Mario game without powerups, and SMG has its fair share. There are brand new powerups, like the Beeshroom, which turns Mario into a bee so he can use his wings to fly for short periods of time. Then there is the Iceshroom, which lets our hero not only walk on water by turning it to ice wherever he steps, but Mario can also skate along the ice when this powerup is being used. The old powerups are also included – the fireball mushroom, and the regular old powerup mushroom. This time though, the regular powerup mushroom adds 3 extra stages to your life bar, so you can absorb 3 extra hits. If you let your life bar get back down to its regular level of three though, the powerup no longer takes effect. In other words, once you go below 4 life bar stages, you can only have 3 max from then on.

Now, the question you are really asking, we are sure, is “are the Wii controls implemented well in the game?” I am happy to report that Super Mario Galaxy is like one of the best Wiimote-controlled games to date. You will use the nunchuck analog stick to move Mario around, and use the button on the Wiimote to jump. In addition, if you shake the Wiimote side to side, Mario will do a twist that he uses to fend off enemies, as well as extend his jumping radius and gain a burst of speed in the water. You can also use the on-screen pointer marker that the Wiimote displays to collect SMG’s version of currency – Star Bits. These crystals are used to feed to different Kirby-like creatures in order to obtain their help throughout the game. All you have to do is point to them and they will come zipping towards you and join the others in your inventory. Unfortunately, this is not so with 1up mushrooms or gold coins. You cannot have everything, I suppose!

The Wiimote is also used for non-conventional means of control in some stages. From time to time, Mario will ride on a big glass ball, and the Wiimote is held upwards like a joystick in order to control it. Mario also rides inside an air bubble from time to time, and the Wiimote on-screen pointer is turned into a fan which shoots out air in order to push the bubble around. Watch out for the spiked bubble poppers, though. Also, there are tiny blue stars which act as tractor beams to pull Mario through open areas of hard vacuum (don’t ask me why Mario’s head does not explode in real space, it’s a game after all). You must point to the blue stars and hit the A button in order to pull Mario from point to point, until he reaches his destination.

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