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Super Mario Galaxy

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Written by DM on Thursday, December 13 2007

The camera system In SMG can get a big dodgy at times. The camera is not exactly a free roaming system, but it can be moved in 90 degree increments using the d-pad on the Wiimote. Not all the time, though, there are many times when the game will simply not let you turn the camera at all, and all you are left with is the first person view mode, which runs from mediocre to good in terms of usefulness. Fortunately, I never ran into any times where the camera prevented me from completing the level. It only prevents you from easily discovering those secret star area, but then again, I suppose that is the point of “secret” areas. The camera follows you and it really does a good job of intelligently placing itself behind you, so it really amounts to a non-issue.

Those out there who enjoy constantly bashing the Wii’s graphical power, or bashing the lack of HD resolutions on the Wii, need to take a look at SMG. The game looks fantastic – better than some “next-gen” console games, in fact. There are even certain enemies that have fur – real, fuzzy, furry, fur, that you can see. The graphics fit the game perfectly with vibrant colors, well designed enemies, and perfectly constructed environments that make you forget you are playing in regular old SD. The ice, fire, water, and land based galaxies all look fantastic, and the fireball and other effects are programmed flawlessly. In fact, there is no graphical slowdown or pop up, and since this is SD resolution, the frame rate is always right at 60fps. The game even supports widescreen 16:9 and 480p modes, if you so desire. If this is the what the Wii can do in its first year, then Nintendo need not worry about graphics in the years to come, that is for sure.

The sounds from all the games that you know and love are included in SMG. Notice I said “sounds.” Like all other Mario games, nay, all other first-party Nintendo games, voice-over work is scarce to non-existent. The classic Mario voice welcomes you to the game, but that is one of the few times you will hear the man himself speak. Most of the story and important game information is related through text boxes and speech bubbles. Of course, there are accompanying sound effects, but no voices really to speak of. The classic green-pipe warp sound is in place though, so all is well. The music is a mix of new and old songs, and I mean old. The game pulls the soundtracks from all the way back, starting with Super Mario Brothers and even including songs from Super Mario 64. You will be bobbing your head for sure when you hum along to the songs you know and love from the Mario franchise history.

I could go on for 5 more pages on the new and unique features that you will encounter in each individual galaxy in SMG. The game is filled with innovation and all of it is easy to figure out, although it may prove challenging to get things perfect. SMG can get a bit frustrating at times, but never enough to make you put the game down altogether. Just enough to make you try and try again, that is. Super Mario Galaxy is one of the greatest platform games you will play to date. It is also one of the best Wii games to date. Everyone who has enjoyed Mario in the past, from the original SMB to Mario Sunshine will find that SM Galaxy is not only highly addictive, but just about as good as a platformer can get. There are a few minor issues that keep the game from being a perfect 10, but these are so minor that keeping the game from being a 10 is about all they do. Pick up this game, and if you do not own a Wii, pick up one of those as well.

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