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Written by VividBreeze on Saturday, February 09 2008

Yes, it is true, Turok is back and it has proven that it can still light up that fire that was once lost. Unbeknownst to most of the untrained dino-shooting generations, Turok has been alive for many years, way before video games were invented. Turok emerged in the 1950’s through Dell Comics, which lasted a legendary 26 years. Many, many years later in 1997, the first Turok game surfaced into the video game industry. It was first seen through the Nintendo 64 by Acclaim Entertainment, then passed along to all other gaming consoles and even went to pc. Around 2004 Acclaim’s fall led to the loss of their privilege to Turok. Touchstone came to the rescue in this new era of Turok for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Touchstone gave Propaganda Games the ability to turn Turok into a decent FPS game, giving fans a better prospect for the future.

Despite the game being titled “Turok”, the story line holds no relation to the previous games in the series or even comic books. This time around, it revolves around the protagonist, whose name is Joseph Turok, a former black-ops that has been summoned by a new elite squad due to his relationship to the team’s latest target. You will be portraying Joseph through this quest. You are now the newest member of the Whiskey Company, a team that has been gathered to take captive a rogue soldier Roland Kane, who used to be Joseph’s mentor, and bring him back to earth.

The military space ship that Turok commands is shot down over a desolate planet where mutant dinosaurs and large insects roam free. Kane and his evil army, “Wolf Pack”, has shot down this ship. Turok and co-member Slade begin completing missions for Whiskey Company in an attempt to stay alive and stop Kane. After roaming through the planet, the team realizes that the planet has been terraformed and that the creatures were created with accelerated evolution. Turok eventually leads the survivors to an abandoned space ship, only to discover that the ship is in ruins. Turok then discovers, after exploring the ship, that Kane has created a genetically engineered soldier bug capable of killing in a room and dissipating within twenty minutes.

The company comes up with a plan to annihilate Kane and his mutated army and escape the planet. A battle commences where most of Turok’s team is killed. However, the company figures out a way to enter into Kane’s headquarters to confront Kane himself. The remaining crew members manage to escape in a spaceship, leaving Turok behind per his request to take down Kane on his own. A knife battle precedes, which of course leads to the death of Kane. Just when Kane dies a T-Rex charges into Turok but looses the battle. Turok uses all his weapons to conquer this beast. The company them comes back for Turok and head back to earth. The games ends with a scene that insinuates a sequel.

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