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Devil May Cry 4

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Written by DM on Wednesday, February 27 2008

Devil May Cry is a game that has long been touted as one of the top hack/slash action games around. Not to mention one of the most difficult. The series itself has been through growing pains, with DMC2 turning off many fans, and DMC3 wooing them back again. Now we are here to give the fourth installment a go, and it really has a lot to live up to. Devil May Cry 4 also represents the first true chronological sequel in the franchise history, which means fans of the series will be nitpicking and pulling the game apart even more so than usual.

First, let me get this out of the way off, most of DMC4 is played from the perspective of Nero, not Dante. This means that up until about 4/5th of the way through, you will be in control of the younger, louder, and cockier character, Nero. The story of DMC4 is actually the story of how Nero begins to come into his own and grow into the man that he is destined to become. The events take place after the end of the original Devil May Cry, and to be honest, you may want to use Wiki to refresh your memory about the original storyline before you dive into DMC4, just to make things that much more interesting.

You begin the game in the town of Fortuna, which is protected (and de facto ruled) by the Order of the Sword. The Order is basically a para-military force disguising themselves as defenders of the people, you know the age-old saying, power corrupts and absolute power… you get the picture. Well, as Nero is a member of the order, he is understandably upset when Dante comes crashing in to a respectable Order ceremony, and basically eviscerates the leader of the Order of the Sword along with a few of the other members -- just for good measure.

Of course, Nero, being young and headstrong (and reckless), goes after Dante and tries to avenge his leader’s murder. Over the next 20 some-odd missions, Nero pursues Dante while learning new techniques and powers to go along with his wonderfully useful and deformed demon possessed hand. Called the Devil Bringer, the hand allows Nero to grab, punch, choke, throw, and toss enemies without even being inside the enemy’s damage radius. As you use the hand more, more red orbs are released by the dying enemies, and the more red orbs you collect, the more techniques and special moves you can buy. Frankly, though, besides using the hand for special damage moves on boss enemies, you will find yourself mostly using the hand to grab enemies and bring them to you so you do not have to constantly walk around the room to grab more fodder.

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