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Written by DM on Thursday, February 28 2008

Razer has always been good to us here at GamersReports. The company sends us products to review on a regular basis, and the professional gaming products they create are always of great quality, even if sometimes it seems like overkill. The company, for those who did not know, just about started the professional PC gaming hardware scene with the release of the Razer Boomslang, the 2100dpi PC gaming mouse, gaming BALL mouse, that is. That was way back almost 10 years ago, and since then, Razer has been hard at work releasing all kinds of mice, keyboards, audio products, and more, all geared towards the new creature called the professional PC gamer.

Today we get the chance to give the once-over to Razer’s latest and greatest gaming mouse, the Razer Lachesis. For those who are wondering about the peculiar name, Lachesis is Latin for “purveyor of quiet death,” as near as I can figure it. The mouse features the ability to operate at a whopping 4000dpi, and as usual, the Razer Ultrapolling USB drivers will crank up the USB reporting rate to 1000hz, four times the norm. Combine the two and you have the single most responsive PC mouse that has been released to date.

When the mouse arrived it came in the standard Razer black box, the smooth packaging that Razer prefers just completes the entire package. Let’s run down the features quickly.

Up to 4000dpi Sensitivity
Precision 3G Laser Technology
32KB Of Onboard Memory
Nine Buttons, All Programmable & Made With Hyperesponse Technology
1000HZ Ultrapolling Drivers With 1ms Response Time
16bit Ultra Wide Data Path
On-the-fly Sensitivity Setting
Always-On Mode Available
Both Left & Right Handed Gamers Can Use Ambidextrous Design
Teflon Non-Stick Feet
Gold-plated USB Connectors
Size: 129mm x 71mm x 40mm (l x w x h)

What does all that mean? In essence is means that Razer has designed this mouse from the ground up to be used for PC gaming. All the technology included is built to give that 1-2% edge that makes all the difference sometimes. The question is, does it really work?

The software included with the Lachesis, and indeed included with all the Razer mice, is the real key to unlocking the hardware. You could simply plug in the mouse and use it at 4000dpi without installing one file from Razer if you so desire, but you would really be short-changing yourself if you did. Not only would you miss out on the 1000hz USB Ultrapolling, but all the on-the-fly options would be inaccessible. This is why Razer has made the software not only transparent, but easy to use and setup. Now, keep in mind, I tested the mouse and software on Windows Vista Ultimate x64 with Service Pack 1 installed. It just doesn’t get any more cutting edge than that, folks. You know if there are problems to be had, I would have had them for sure. I am happy to report that I had no issues whatsoever with the drivers, and when I went to use the on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, it went off without a hitch. Frankly, I was shocked that Vista did not crash and burn with the USB Ultrapolling, considering that every time I have screwed about with the main board interface drivers, be it USB, FW, IDE, or SATA, my Vista has crashed and burned to the tune of reformat and reinstall. Kudos, Razer.

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