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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

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Written by DM on Tuesday, March 04 2008

Before we get into the actual review of the game, there is something that probably should be said about Kane & lynch, and the upheaval it caused over at Gamespot. Yes, the game is not great, and yes, the review Gamespot gave the game might have affected sales, but was that cause to fire the review head? Not at all. Granted we will never know the internal politics that led to the letting go of the review writer, but sometimes you just have to call a game like you see it as a reviewer, and the advertisers be damned.

Now that that is out of the way, we can get into the actual review. Kane & Lynch happens to suffer from one huge problem right off the bat, and this is an issue have mentioned time and again. The title of a game is an important piece of marketing when it comes to sales. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is an awkward title for a game, and this is something that the crew who did the Hitman games should have known.

The game’s title comes from the two main characters of the game, two convicts who orchestrate a rather messy prison break, only to end up working to retrieve an item for a bunch of even worse criminals in order to save their lives. Kane, a former member of the gang who feels they are owed, drags Lynch along on a visceral journey to retrieve the loot.

The number one thing the game has going for it is the realism factor. These criminals are down and dirty, and they do not pull any punches. The “colorful” language, the authentic criminal terminology, and the sheer amount of violence that the game contains make for a real experience any way you cut it. This is certainly not your grandma’s third person shooter folks. The game starts off with the killing of multitudes of police officers, and moves on from there.

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