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Battlefield: Bad Company

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Written by DM on Monday, June 30 2008

The gunplay in BF:BC is just as good as the previous games, and each weapon features the details and nuances that the gun likely has in the real world. You can even unlock many more weapons as the game progresses – they are generously placed throughout the maps, do not worry. Each has its own feel, sound, movements, and look. The weapons even age differently as the game goes on, with scars, scratches, and dirt (possibly, I saw this only once, but hey). Speaking of sound, by the way, if you have a 5.1 (or more) setup, I suggest you enable the full surround sound mode while playing. Dice has really hit a home run when it comes to audio in BF:BC. The game accurately reproduces ricochets, bullet reverberations, and other various lesser sounds, using as much of the 5.1 sound spectrum as possible. It really helps to draw you into the game play, and explosions during the heat of battle – forget about it, as they say.

The multiplayer part of Battlefield: Bad Company is as robust as you would expect from Dice. Or at least, it will be once everything comes together. The game rounds tend to lag more often than I would like, and that can be frustrating. Also, there is only the squad-based Gold Rush mode available for online play at this time. The Conquest mode, CTF mode, and other traditional modes are being promised to us as downloads sometime in the future. This does detract from the play, as when we have been promised this before it has taken a long time for it to really come to fruition. Hopefully EA will break the mold this time. Unfortunately, BF: BC does not have the power to knock CoD4 out of the top spot with its half-done multiplayer part, but it certainly does provide a nice diversion.

There is a persistent ranking mode implemented in BF: BC, and players can use points gained when ranking up in order to unlock more weapons and accessories for use in-game. While the leveling system is not as involved as Call of Duty 4, and there are not as many weapons and accessories available, the maps, thankfully, are designed to allow for this. There are maps in BF: BC that are conducive to close-quarters fighting, which you will likely use an assault rifle with a high rate of fire. But, there are also very long-haul, drawn-out maps as well that lend themselves to scoped, more accurate, long-range weapons. On top of this, you can jump in anti-aircraft guns or artillery posts and knock out the enemy. The diversity of the locations and the differing battle strategies needed to win more than makes up for the lack of hardware choices. Besides, EA will likely try to make some money in the future with weapon and accessory packs. I digress. What this means overall, is that in order to be a quality all around player, you will need to master more than one weapon. Dice did add a hearty trophy and medal system, so that almost every round, if you perform decently, you will be awarded at least one.

For the first time ever, a Battlefield game has a single player component that is worth playing. It is fun, clever, and it certainly serves to help fill out a title that is missing some basic things in the multiplayer department. Sure, EA has promises for us in the future, but I can’t very well play a round of promises, can I? Battlefield: Bad Company really has potential, and when it is complete, it will be one heck of a game. For those BF fans out there, it is a must buy. For those of you who just want a decent offline and online FPS to take up time between CoD4 games, then this is a likely candidate. For those of you looking to jump into the good old BF2 conquest play, hold off a bit until EA works out the bugs and provides the mode for download. Either way, whatever category you fall into, you will be happy with the game.

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