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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

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Written by DM on Thursday, July 03 2008

The songs besides the Aerosmith songs are actually pretty decent. Songs like Cat Scratch Fever and Interstate Love Song dot the landscape and you can sing along to most of the non-Aerosmith tunes. In fact, everything else about GH:A besides the Aerosmith-themed content is as good as Guitar Hero 3 was. There is only one boss in the game, Joe Perry, and he is a bit of a bitch, but nothing serious.

The mechanics, graphics, and sound in GH:A are identical to Guitar Hero 3, so much so that there is not much point to me re-hashing them here in this review. The online portion even works the same way. There is a downside though, your downloaded Guitar Hero 3 songs will not work in GH:A, so don’t go trading in those GH3 discs just yet. At least I could not get them to load.

The bottom line is that Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is exactly that – a full on, hardcore, Aerosmith showcase. I suppose I should not be complaining that a game called GH: Aerosmith is totally built for hardcore Aerosmith fans, but then again, I am writing from an average gamers’ perspective. I was under the impression that the game would just happen to be heavy on the Aerosmith tunes, and the rest would be more Guitar Hero bliss. Boy was I wrong. Caveat Emptor, they say – buyer beware, and I should have listened.

Does this mean the game is worthless? Heck no, it is still more of the Guitar Hero that we all know and love, and it comes with a fancy Aerosmith-branded wireless guitar. Just be prepared to be playing songs you really do not know half the time, but some of you may even enjoy that, who knows. The game still costs less than buying another 50 songs individually on the marketplace, so it is certainly worth looking into, and at the very least, worth renting. Hopefully it will be enough to tide me over until Guitar Hero 4 with all it’s wonderful promise of new features and changes.

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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

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