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XCM 1080p Mega-Cool VGA Box

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Written by DM on Saturday, July 26 2008

On top of this, the unit just works better. There were some complaints that the previous VGA box, the XCM 1080p VGA box Plus PSP2VGA, had issues with certain VGA/LCD screens. I can gladly report that on the four monitors I tried it with, both the PS3 and Xbox360 1080p and 1600x1200 settings worked perfectly, and went off without a hitch. Both the PSP and Wii worked as well at the lower, non-HD resolutions. The image quality is outstanding for an $80 USD unit, and as you know, some VGA upscan converters cost as much as $300 USD. The XCM Mega Cool box rivals the big boys in image quality, take my word for it. Is it identical to the expensive units? Of course not, but for the price and features, it will suffice for almost anyone.

Is there a downside to the unit? Well, not really, but if I had to nitpick a couple of things, I could. Firstly, there is no way to use this VGA box with an HDMI signal/input. Of course, this would require some hefty hardware, and frankly, I am not even sure if it is exactly legal, what with HDCP and whatnot. Also, this VGA box comes with fewer cables than the previous VGA box, which is something that I have always praised XCM for – their inclusion of as many cables and accessories as possible. All the Mega-Cool VGA box includes is the USB to mini-USB cable for powering the unit. Something to note - the USB power cable included plugs into two (2) USB slots on the PC for extra power if needed. The unit cost about $20 USD more than the previous unit with PSP2VGA, but these days, for the improvements you get, $20 USD more is insignificant.

The latest installment of VGA box from XCM is certainly the pinnacle of VGA box technology produced by XCM. The outward design, size, features, and price, all make the unit the one to purchase if you are in need of TV/monitor space, or in need of a way to view your console signal (or really any HDTV signal) on an LCD monitor or HDTV. Consider the unit a “Swiss Army Knife” of signal converter for any monitor. XCM has done it again, and we expect nothing less from them. If you need a VGA box and you want good quality at a reasonable price, then the Mega Cool box is the way to go. If you already have a VGA box from XCM or otherwise, then unless you paid big money for it, you may even want to consider upgrading again to the latest technology included in the Mega Cool package, and like I said – it is a lot sexier!

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