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Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

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Written by DM on Tuesday, September 30 2008

The BIA games, as I said, are more about slow-paced strategic placement rather than run and gun. You are in control of different teams depending on the level. For instance, for one mission where you must protect the landing field where gliders are descending, you are in control of a machine gun team, and a support/attack team. You must place them behind cover in spots that will let them set up a crossfire. Not only is this difficult when there are only one or two places of cover that are non-destructible, but even then it is usually up to you to actually kill the enemies firing at you. All that your AI teammates end up doing is providing suppressing fire so that the enemies keep their heads down. This actually makes things harder since you are trying to shoot them in the head!

Now you might think that you can just play this game as a run and gun and after you set your teammates in position, just run behind the enemy and shoot them. Well, you can try, but you will not last long. Unless you can find cover to sit behind while your health recuperates, you will surely be killed. When you die your only option is to restart from the last checkpoint, which is usually not close to where you are. Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to die right before a checkpoint and have to do everything up to that point again. You cannot even send your teammates to run and gun the enemy because they will be mowed down as well. You need to plan like real life in this game, folks. If you are locating for a Call of Duty type game, this is not it.

This does not mean that the game is bad. Once you resolve yourself to playing the game the way it is meant to be played -- with the cover and move method -- you may actually have a little fun. As I said, the destructible cover makes for some frantic (and annoying) action. If you place a machine gun team behind, say, a wooden fence, you will likely only have 30 or so seconds before Fritz and his buddies have turned it into toothpicks. You better have moved your team by then. My suggestion is to find a nice stone wall and get behind it, or place your team behind it. As long as you can stay alive, you have a chance. I also have to mention that the developers made some "interesting" choices when it came to what cover can be destroyed and what cover would actually provide cover. For example, some cars can be used as cover proper, but if the car is damaged and ends up sitting on its side, your teammates might refuse to set up behind. They will stand there and make comments such as "no good here, have to move Captain." It will take you a while to figure out exactly what makes good cover in this game and what doesn't.

Controlling and placing your squad mates is actually very easy though. It's basically point and click. Use one button to switch between teams, and when the team you want to move is selected, you simply put your crosshairs where you want them to go, and hit the button. What is weird, though, is that if your team is far away from the spot you select for their destination, sometimes they simply warp there, it seems. You can pan the camera to look for them, but you will not be able to find them until they suddenly pop up at the destination. It can be offputting until you get used to it.

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Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

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