Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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Written by DM on Monday, November 14 2005

The recently released newly adapted Charlie and the Chocolate factory movie, based on Roald Dahl's classic tale (not based on the earlier movie), was inevitably made into a video game by Take 2. The game seems like it would play perfectly into the hands of developers with its wacky characters and fantastic environments. Let's see how well they actually did.

The game starts with a nice CG intro relating the story of Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory. The music and narration that accompany this CG are just as great. After the intro is completed, you find yourself playing as Charlie and you are alone on a snowy street. You see some money blow by, and being the destitute pauper that you are, you decide to chase it. This is the game's way of taking you through the tutorial, running jumping, and climbing your way to the money. Once you are done you hope on a garbage can lid sled and sled down the street to the next phase of the game. We would just like to take some time to mention that movie based games are in a category by themselves. The developers are in a serious time crunch to get the game out on time so the maximum amount of money can be made with the movie-hype tie in. So, all movies games must be viewed with a certain curve, to take this in to account. This is why more often than not, movie games tend to be not that great. Let's continue.

Chocolate factory centers mostly on Charlie and his quest to find the Oompa Loompas and get the set to work inside the factory. The game features a lemmings-esque OL (Oompa Loompas will herein be referred to as OL) setup, as every OL can perform a different type of task. Some gather candy, some fix pipes, and some are electricians. You get the idea. You can issue them commands such as work, follow, and wait. As I said, very Lemmings-esque. The commands are issued using the d-pad, which surprisingly turns out to be very intuitive. So far so good. The HUD in Chocolate Factory helps much to simplify the direction of the OL. It makes leading big groups of OL easy to manage and easy to understand. It also makes viewing your stockpile of candy easy and simple. As to why you are collecting the candy, it is the same story as most games. Power ups, extra lives, extra energy are all things you gain by collecting candy. Pretty standard stuff.

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