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Written by DM on Saturday, May 09 2009

Using an original Xbox pad is similar to using an Xbox360 pad without the Crossfire, so there is not much to say about it. The button mappings are in the Crossfire instruction manual, and you may need to adjust the game’s button settings. Why you would want to use an Xbox S pad over the Xbox360 pad, though, I am not sure. Using an Xbox360 wired pad through the Crossfire for turbo button functionality is just like using a turbo Xbox360 pad – no lag, no problems, and it has full rumble capabilities.

Now that I have told you what does work with the Crossfire, we need to take a second to talk about what doesn’t. Unfortunately, most non-standard PS3 pads that I used did not work on the Xbox360. This includes Toodles Brand Playstation 3 PCB, which many use to build custom arcade joysticks. A good rule of thumb is that if the pad is not made by Sony, there is a 50% chance it will not work. If the pad or joystick works on multiple systems, such as PS2, PS3, Dreamcast and Xbox1, you can almost bet it will not work with the Crossfire. You may have a better chance in those situations by using a PS2 to Xbox360 XFPS converter. I have seen this before with many brands of adapters, it is near impossible to take into account all the different signal setups of third-party and non-standard control boards. I was disappointed that I couldn’t use my custom built PS3 arcade stick on the Xbox360, though. Before you ask your next question, no, the Rock Band / Guitar Hero stuff does not work with the converter. The stand alone PS3 Guitar Hero 1 guitar may work, I will test it as soon as I get one.

XCM has come up with yet another winner. The only improvements I could mention would be button re-mapping, and possibly a sensitivity setting for the tilt controls. Both of these are just luxury items, though, in reality they are not necessary. There is one other thing – the price. The Crossfire unit costs $79.99. This may put the unit out of reach for some, but if you need PS3 functionality on the Xbox360, there is no other option. XCM has filled yet another void in the home console world, and with the rising cost of peripherals for home systems, spending 80 dollars may end up saving you much more in the long run.

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