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Ansmann 10 Hour PSP Battery Pack

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Written by DM on Monday, November 14 2005

On the block today we have for you the Ansmann 10 Hour Portable Power Pack for the PSP. With the slew of PSP batteries that have been released over the past few months, it is getting harder and harder to separate the good form the bad. How did this one fare? Let's find out.

As with all of our battery tests, we used the tried and true GR method. First of all, the battery was charged and discharged 3 times in order to make sure any conditioning required for the battery to operate at full capacity was achieved. Once we had done that, the testing began. To test movies we simply loaded a 1.5 hour movie onto the memory stick and then put it on loop. The time until the battery expired was measured from the time the PSP unit was powered on until the screen completely blacked out. For the gaming time, Ridge Racers was inserted and the car was left at starting line in order to test the actual potential game time with a minimum of loading. So there you go.

At first glance, the Ansmann battery pack may look like more than a battery. You see, the pack is solid and heavy, and the only outputs the battery sports are 2 USB slots. A regular old 4 pin USB Type A port, and a mini USB port, the same as on the PSP. On top of that there is a button on the front of the unit which you use to power the battery on, and when the unit is charged it will appear green. When you are charging the unit, the light will turn red until the battery is fully charged and ready to go. Why does a battery pack need a switch? We are not sure exactly but the LED is a nice addition. The dimensions of the unit are almost exactly the same as the standard iPOD. In fact the look and feel of the unit is similar as well. Makes you think maybe Ansmann took a cue from that successful device.

With 2 USB ports only you may be asking, how the heck do I charge this thing? Well, Ansmann provides a handy AC to Mini USB adapter that turns your PSP AC adapter into a Mini USB plug with which you can charge the battery pack. The other USB port, the standard Type A USB port is used to power the actual PSP unit. In order to facilitate this Ansmann provides a USB to AC adapter which conveniently has a retractable cord into which both sides of the cord can be retracted. This makes for no mess of wires, another great touch. Now, I know what you are going to ask, because I asked the same thing. Can this battery pack power other USB devices as well as the PSP, and the answer is YES. If you have a USB cigarette lighter or a USB powered coffee warmer, this thing will power it. Added bonus for sure.

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