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Written by DM on Saturday, November 19 2005

We got our Xbox360 today and we are really playing the hell out of it. Our first game on the chopping block is Perfect Dark Zero. This is one of the two Rare titles which graced the launch list for the Xbox360. Let’s jump right in with the single player campaign.

I would like to take a moment here to explain something to the fans of FPS games. Perfect Dark Zero is not for those of you who like frenetic fast-paced FPS action. The game does not slow to a crawl, but it is not as fast as something along the lines of Unreal Tournament or Halo. This holds true for the single player campaign, the co-op mode, and the versus mode.

The control scheme defaults to the classic Perfect Dark setup from the Nintendo 64. You can change this to the Halo classic mode, with the strafe and move on the left thumbstick and the aim on the right. Of course in all modes all settings can be tweaked to your liking, with sensitivities and inversions. There is no jump in the game, so any jumping your character needs to do will be done automatically. There are also cover spots you can hide in (by pressing A) from which you can target enemies and then jump out to shoot them and then dive back under cover. It comes in handy in single player a bunch. In multiplayer, not so much.

The audio in the game is superb, the music has a 70s feel about it with tons of wah-wah and electronic sounds. Add to that the sounds of the firearms and the sounds of the radio chatter, and you have a pretty nice cacophony of sound. The 5.1 surround was ok, but it did not wow us.

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