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Allegro Multimedia Piano Wizard

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Written by Vividbreeeze on Wednesday, September 13 2006

Allegro Multimedia, Inc. is a leading provider of non-violent music gaming software and musical educational tools. They teach the young as well as the old to play the piano and read music. Allegro’s mission, as mentioned in their website, is to create a tidal wave of interest in music making, and achieve universal musical literacy among all people no matter their age, race, or financial status through fun and exciting video games. Allegro is also devoted to building long-term relationships with their customers by providing quality products, training, support and additional exciting gaming products. This groundbreaking technology allows anyone to play songs within minutes and transforms the long and traditional methods of piano practice into an exciting video game. Piano Wizard will play a mayoral role in reaching the goal of helping kids learn naturally and enjoyably through musical play. Chris Salter, CEO of Allegro Multimedia Inc. and inventor of Piano Wizard says “We are looking forward to a continuing relationship with Fisher Price to set the stage for a revolution in music education, particularly as it affects early child development and the well-known resultant benefits to math and SAT scores in later life."

This software system works in harmony with a midi keyboard that you can purchase, or you can use any keyboard that can plug into your computer. The piano includes colorful stickers that are placed on the piano keys, and they are the key to helping you learn how to play the piano. The first steps are made very simple by color coding notes on the screen parallel to those on the keyboard. Colorful backgrounds, such as dinosaurs, make the learning experience more exciting for children. Piano Wizard provides lessons disguised as games so that kids can learn while they are having fun playing. Gradually their skills will advance, and the game advances with them. The game provides songs for beginners as well as more complex songs for more experienced players. The software also has many options to customize the user’s personal experience. The options range from visuals, song structure, skill requirements, keyboard options, background appearance, audio options, and more.

Piano Wizard includes a variety of music from children’s songs to adult favorites. On a more exciting note, you can even add your own music files from your favorite artist, video game, or movie soundtrack and piano wizard will automatically convert it into a playable file. For those video game lovers out there, you can go to VGMusic.com to find any video game song you like from any game no matter what console and use it with this software! You can also download inexpensive songs from Allegro Rainbow’s midi-music site at wizardtunes.com. There you will find any song you can think of from oldies to modern music.

Overall, this program will keep a smile on anyone’s face, especially a child. If you are a beginner, this software is perfect to start your piano-playing journey. If you play the piano already, this tool will help you refine your skills. Either way you will enjoy using the software to the fullest. It is well worth the purchase if you have any love for music at all. It is also a great tool to keep kids busy learning and having fun at the same time. You can purchase a Piano Wizard at their website pianowizard.com. Enjoy!

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