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Today we're checking out Cash Out from Big Toe Software, it's fun for everybody and you can even play it at work...shhhh, don't let the boss know!

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Written by Josh Lowensohn on Sunday, October 01 2006

The slot machine is undeniably the heart of the casino realm for casual gamblers. Also known as the "one-armed-bandit," the slot machine requires little more than a quarter and hearty pull on the handle to get combinations of fruit and symbols spinning in a blur of potential bounty. Cash Out turns that real-world joy of indiscriminate casino-style winning to a strategic level, right on your desktop, but without the Elvis impersonators or $3.99 buffets.

With casual games, there is always the urge to compare it to others, as the simpler these games get, the more versions of them there are. The closest thing to compare it to is Bejeweled with a shot of Hexic, Gem Drop, and a healthy dose of casino culture. Developer Big Toe Software has created their own distinct look, feel and gameplay style that ends up being a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Your role is to match up three or
more pieces by moving each row up and down or side to side. You can score either by getting them in a row or in the same bunch. Either way, the game has an almost non-existent learning curve since it's just so easy to pick up and play.

Combo in progress

We\'re obviously not the best...

The game offers three modes: Classic, Challenge and Relaxed. Classic starts off easy and eventually works its way up in difficulty as you progress. Nabbing combos adds to your "power bar" at the bottom of the screen, and upon filling completely promotes you to the next level. When you get stuck, hitting the giant "HINT" button on the left subtracts some energy from your power bar and flashes the pieces you need to move to get yourself un-stuck. If you do end up without any more moves (thankfully the game will alert you to this fact), you can continue by inserting a virtual token into the machine to spin and reset the board. Tokens are earned throughout the game, so it's a good idea to pay attention to your moves later on to keep yourself from getting stuck. Upon completion of a level you get the chance to score bonus points by clicking an actual slot machine. The right combo will net you more points and the chance to earn achievements, which the game keeps track of like a virtual trophy case.

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