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Wiimote A Copy Of Early Dreamcast Prototype Controller? >
2006/07/17 13:19:49: Posted by DM
According to GWN who have obtained images of an early prototype Dreamcast control pad, the Nintendo Wiimote is a partial rip-off of said prototype. Now, of course, this seems like a bunch of bull honkey to us, but you decide. Rumor mill.

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Nintendo Wii Pad Images

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Written by Mash (118) on 2006/07/17

The articles reads too much into a prototype. It states that in the first picture you can see a lightgun adapter, but it's just the 'remote' from a different angle.
Written by chilliedawg (4) on 2006/07/17

Written by silverwolf on 2006/07/17

Is it me or did that prototype sideways look like a stelleto pump?
Written by nixon (203) on 2006/07/17

to me it looks like its just a controller with no motion sensor ! and dreamcast probably didn't releaswe it cause back then wireless was still new , they do not wana make mistake like sony did with PSP batteries! it dies too fast!
Written by Ed V (39) on 2006/07/18

Who honestly cares???
Written by Slimy Sam (1) on 2006/07/18

IF it were SOny, you guys would be up in arms.
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/07

its looks uncorfortable....is better the n64 sincerely.

n64 controler is good and the gamecube too
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