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Use Any Headset With Xbox360 Live Adapter Mod

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Written by DM on Thursday, December 01 2005

Many of you have been complaining that the headset that comes with the Xbox360 is inferior to all other headsets out there. You can plug any new headset into the Xbox360 jack, but you will loose mute and volume functionality. Well we are here to tell you how to fix that with a simple mod.

All headsets have four wires, two for the mic and 2 for the speaker. The bare and the white wire are for the mic usually, and the blue and the red are for the speaker. Now, any headset you want to use should show these wires when you strip off the jack at the end. Once you figure out which is which, unscrew the Xbox360 Live headset adapter using the 2 screws on the back. You should see something similar to the diagram below.

After this, it is simply a matter of un-soldering the wires from the original Xbox360 headset, threading the new headset wires through the plastic peice in the XBox360 headset adapter, and soldering them into place where the original wires you removed were. Pretty simple, and now you can use any headset at all with the XBox360. Check the images below for some more details, my soldering skills are pretty low that is why I drew you a diagram. If you really wanna get crazy, for my next step, im going to replace the headset I soldered on with a short headset extension cord that ends in a female adapter so you can plug in any headset at any time. Patent Pending! :)


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Use Any Headset With Xbox360 Live Adapter Mod

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