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XBox Live Active Desktop Friends List

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Written by DM on Tuesday, April 11 2006

Before you go on, download this Zip file: http://www.gamersreports.com/hosted/misc/infocenter.zip.

Next, you need to decide which format you want to use. Look at the images below and decide if you want to use the friends list and gamercard display, or just the friends list. If you want to use both card and friends, you will be using the 360infoctr.html file. If you just want the friends list you will be using the 360infoctr-fronly.html file.

Here are the things you need to edit inside the .html file to make it fit with your screen.

In the MAIN HTML file only (360infoctr.html or 360infoctr-fronly.html), edit the following:

background-color: #000000; = the background color of your desktop

height: 1150px; = this is in the file 4 times if you are using the card view & friends view, or 2 times if you are using just the friends view, change this # to the height of your desktop minus the height of the taskbar

Click on the image below to see what it looks like in notepad

Now, this next part is only if you are using the card view. To add GamerCards to the display, open the livecards.html file. You will see lines that look like this at the bottom:

...iframe src="http://gamercard.xbox.com/GamersReportsDM.card" ... etc

Basically you just enter the gamertags of the card you want to display. If you want to display more cards, simply paste the last line that is listed above the /body tag and put in another GamerTag name. Click here to see the image of what to change and/or copy and paste.

Once you have done on all this editing, go to desktop properties, select the desktop tab, and hit customize desktop. Then select the web tab, hit new and find the main html file (360infoctr.html or 360infoctr-fronly.html) and hit ok. Once you have it listed and ticked on, hit ok then hit apply then hit ok. See the image below for help. There you go, Xbox LIve friends list active desktop!

No, we will not force you to use the GamersReports News Feed. To see how to remove the GR News Feed from your friends list in one easy step, check out this image: [click to view image].


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Xbox Live Friends List Active Desktop

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