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Two Worlds

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Written by DM on Wednesday, September 19 2007

Since Two Worlds was first announced, it has been compared to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It seems a bit sado-masichistic to make a game that is so similar to the Bethesda franchise, seeing as how the game would certainly be doomed to cries of “rip-off,” “clone,” and “doppelganger.” Ok, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. Despite this fact, the developer of Two Worlds, Reality Pump, decided to take on the task, and did so with a pretty confident attitude that their game would at least measure up to Oblivion enough to make the game worth buying. Is Two Worlds the “Oblivion Killer” that it has been touted to be? Not really, but let’s find out why.

Competing directly with Bethesda’s award-winning Elder Scrolls franchise is quite a task, not only because Oblivion is a game with an enormous scope, but also because it is the fourth installment of the Elder Scrolls series. This means Bethesda has had at least three “practice tries” to get the game mechanics and graphical engine down pat. Combine this with the fact that one of the most alluring features of the Elder Scrolls series, as of late anyway, is the ability to spend hours upon hours exploring an enormous world, with tons of secret areas and side quests to take on. Two Worlds, to its credit, seems to have gotten the basics down. The world is large, the combat is easy to follow, and the story is somewhat compelling.

When you begin the game though, the flaws immediately become apparent. At the top of the list are the graphical issues that TW suffers from. The game’s frame rate can sometimes dip below 8-10, especially during combat with multiple enemies. There is “graphical popup” galore, without even coming near objects at times. There seems to be no collision detection at times, with players simply passing through each other like ghosts. Worst of all, there seems to be little to no physics programmed into the game, at least, no physics that resemble real world interaction. With all these graphical issues you would think the game is unplayable, well, somehow, the developer has mitigated the graphical problems enough to make them tolerable. Of course, it is a bit like watching a magic show – you have to “want” to believe in order to enjoy this game, “suspension of disbelief” I believe it is called.

When you begin the game, you take the role of a mercenary type who is eventually charged with stopping one of those pesky ancient evil deities from coming back to wreak havoc on the land. This is not the only classic fantasy story cliché that the game has in store either – if you are expecting a unique fantasy tale, look elsewhere. This does not necessarily mean the game’s story is not compelling, it is to a degree, but you will be able to guess just what is around the corner nine times out of ten in Two Worlds.

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