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Written by John Mizal on Saturday, February 23 2008

Any parent will look at the cover and picture their child happily strumming away at the strings of an acoustic. "Maybe, my child will become the next Jimmy Hendrix!" Some will say. Well, for all you KISS fanatics out there wanting their child to live the rockstar dream, this piece of educational cheapness will not help them climb "The Stairway to Heaven." Instead of plucking your heart strings, it will pluck your nerves.

"My Guitar: The Fun Way to Learn!" is a tutorial designed for kids ages six and up. But, if you're a six year old who has no signs of attention deficit disorder, then this program is for you. The problem? Try finding a six year old who doesn't have it. You need the focus and discipline of Tiger Woods to learn to even tune the guitar. And, I'm sure every child has that kind of discipline.

The program does try to live up to the category of "edutainment." It shows diagrams of a guitar, it shows where to strike a chord, it shows a picture of how to hold the guitar, and it shows a professor with a collar shirt demonstrating how to play. (Yawn!) Oops. I'm sorry I lost focus. There's a lot of look at this and look at that, but it's just as fun as sitting in on a business meeting looking at pie charts and diagrams. Hey, I'm sure your boss uses the full extent of Power Point to make his meetings fun, right? Yea, this program is just as exciting as that. I'm just glad this "presentation" is not mandatory. Wait! It is for me. I'm on deadline. Man!
And, as if watching a middle aged man who looks like he works for a community college isn't entertaining enough, we have a cartoon character named, "Gary the Guitar." Hmm...the professor's name is Kevin Garry, Ph. D. And, the cartoon character's name is "Gary." I think that's a coincidence. Then again, maybe not. That's basically the level of creativity you will expect throughout the tutorials. Oh, and Gary has just as many frames as a straight to DVD Disney sequel or an episode of Speed Racer. Not much excitement to him at all. He just tells you brief instructions, but you have to read the paragraphs right beside him. And, children love to read! I'm sure of that!

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