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XCM 1080p XBox360 HDMI Adapter

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Written by dm on Sunday, August 10 2008

Well, we are back again with another great product from XCM. We have reviewed the Xbox360 1080i HDMI adapter already, so frankly, there is not much more to discuss about this new product, the logical next step – the 1080p upgraded version. A short and sweet mini-review, if you will.

This one comes in a white ABS plastic casing, and it is the same shape and size as the previous 1080i unit. What does it do better than the last? Well, it will give you a full 1080p signal via an HDMI cable. The device worked with three HDTVs that I tried it on, and even my 24 inch Dell PC monitor via the HDMI port.

As with most XCM products, cables are included. The 1080p Xbox360 HDMI adapter follows suit. In fact, the unit comes with one of those flat, coila-able HDMI cables – a real nice addition to the package. The adapter also includes a DVI to HDMI adapter, a nice addition for those who are still using DVI ports where they can.

There is not much else to say, the price is right for this unit ($39.99), and for those of you who did not want to buy an entire new Xbox360 unit just to avail yourself of the 1080p goodness, you can stop worrying and grab this device instead. Is the adapter going to give you full 1080p HDMI accessibility in the future? Who knows, MS may include some new features in the upcoming OS replacement that are not useable with this adapter. For now though, this is a great way to avoid buying an entirely new Xbox360 unit just to take advantage of that new 1080p LCD TV you just purchased. Kudos, again XCM.


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