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Kontrol Freek Analog Stick Add Ons

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Written by DM on Monday, October 26 2009

The Kontrol Freek add-on has been done before, it is nothing new. What is new is the degree to which the add-on helps you play your FPS games (and other types too). The FPS Freek add-on is basically a device which clips on to your analog stick and make the stick about half as long again. At first, when I put them on, all I wanted to do was take them off again and forget about them. They made the controller feel like my thumbs were walking on stilts. It certainly felt awkward, to say the least. I assure you, though, once you get used to it, which takes about a week, you will never look.

What the FPS Freek actually does is to almost double the area of control that the analog stick is able to use. It is simple science, actually. If you increase the amount that the joystick sticks out, then the top of said joystick moves further if you push it from one extreme to the other. Since the analog stick itself is still registering the same input, you are able to make more accurate movements quicker because the now-longer analog sick has a bigger area to operate. If this all sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, think of it like this. If you have a sink faucet without a handle, it is almost impossible to turn. Once you stick a handle on that sink, though, since you have increased the size of the control, it takes less effort to move it. You can adjust it much more precisely because it is easier to move a bigger handle in small increments. Good, now that we have that down, we can agree that the principle of the Kontrol Freek itself will make controlling FPS games better.

As for the actual item itself, it can’t really be complained about. The thumb sticks clip on to the Xbox360 or PS3 analog sticks very easily, and they can be used right away. Especially when you use a sniper rifle, this will help you so much that it is almost a necessity. With Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 coming out very soon, this is something you should seriously look into to give you an advantage. How many times have you overshot your target and cursed the TV because you got killed re-adjusting the reticule? The Kontrol Freek makes that almost a non-existent problem. The only complaint I would have is that people with small hands (like me) may find that the Kontrol Freek add-ons are a bit too high. That is if I have to have a complaint, because once you get used to it, it is only a minor grievance. What I might suggest to the maker is to make two sizes, long and short, and let the user decide which is best.

They also sent me the Speed Freek for review. These are analog-stick add-ons which look like U-shaped plastic parts with a claw on the bottom. These were a bit harder to install, as they had a tendency to push too-far down on one side. You have to make sure that the plastic is seated correctly or else it will come off mid-game. Once you do get it seated correctly, it can be of great help. This one will take you a bit longer to get used to and make the most of, though. You basically have to re-teach yourself to move the thumb stick using the side of your thumb, or with a flick, rather than pressing down your thumb to move it. This can certainly help you whirl on that enemy just a bit faster than he can whirl on you, giving you the slight edge. Is it as useful as the FPS Freek? I would have to say no, but there is certainly a niche that will find it very useful.

Both products by the Kontrol Freek Company are certainly add-ons worth checking out, especially when both cost you under $20 dollars. It is harder to find them in stores, but when you do, if you play any FPS games on a regular basis, it is worth the money. The benefit it gives, especially in a game like CoD, is worth the time to re-learn the control scheme. With 15 year olds who spend every day cutting school and playing online, you need all the extra help you can get these days.


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