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How To Make An Xbox360 Arcade Joystick

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Written by DM, Purbeast on Friday, March 03 2006

We are coming to you today with a project by GR and our friend purbeast from http://www.360gamesaves.com. There is no quality joystiq out for the XBox360 at this point, all you can use is that DOA4 stick, and it pretty much stinks. Worry no more! You can now use this simple method to wire any joystiq into the Xbox360! Check it out! Remember, you can click on the media that goes with this article for high resolution versions of all the images and diagrams!

When I first bought DOA4 I realized how much it sucks to play fighting games on a control pad, especially the XBox 360 controller. The D-pad just doesn't cut it for fighters. I then saw the DOA4 Hori stick, and that stick looked like crap to me.

Then I heard Street Fighter 2 was coming out on XBLA and I knew I had to find a solution quickly in preparation for SF2. Then out of nowhere I remembered that I built a joystick out of arcade parts and the inside of a PSX controller for my PSX back in the day. I then thought why not use my SF:AC joystick as the basis for this, and use a wired XBox 360 controller for the guts. So that's where this tutorial begins.

First you will need the following tools and equipment:

- Wired XBox 360 Controller
- Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Joystick
- Soldering Iron
- Razor Blade
- Wire
- Small Phillips head screw driver (for the controller)
- Normal sized phillips head screw driver
- A lot of patience

Go on to the next page to start the instructions, keep in mind you need to be at least a novice in soldering to complete the project, but that is not hard to learn.

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How To Make An Xbox360 Arcade Joystick

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